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Immediate advice required please...

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newmomma Sat 20-Nov-10 20:07:24

My 6 month old daughter and I did PUPD last Friday night and it worked wonderfully.

We've had a week of great sleep - she'll wake once and re-settler herself at approx 5am, and sleep until 6.30.

Then, 2 nights ago she woke at the same time and didn't re-settle. She got crosser and crosser and I kept trying PUPD and she just wound herself up into a state.

Then the same again last night - she woke at 2am and wailed until approx 4.30 (mostly in my arms).

All day today she just screams if we try and put her down.
We've tried everything.
A bath, feeding to sleep, rocking to sleep and driving in the car. She won't sleep.

So now we've moved onto CC and are leaving her for 10 minutes every time, but she just won't go to sleep.

She'll quieten in my arms, doze off even, but the minute I even move to put her down - she gets furious.

I'm at a loss.

Can someone please help me??

thisisyesterday Sat 20-Nov-10 20:10:40

maybe there is something wrong?

small babies don't generally just cry and cry for no reason..... perhaps she is in pain?

RoseMortmain Sat 20-Nov-10 20:16:28

Ear Infection? DS2 was dreadful for ear infections - would doze off in my arms but as soon as I tried to put him down he would SCREAM. The change in pressure made lying down agony.

If she's been that distressed all day it does seem as though something is wrong. Plus she'll be ever so overtired by now which makes it even harder for her to drop off.

Have you tried a dose of calpol? Somehow that seems to help them sleep even if there's no obvious pain.

I really would abandon the CC for now. If she is in pain then you will feel awful for leaving her to cry <voice of very bitter experience>.

Try calpol and letting her sleep in your arms to start with. One night won't wreck all your hard work.

newmomma Sat 20-Nov-10 20:20:51

I tried calpol this afternoon and it didn't make any difference.

She's also not good at sleeping in my arms - both my children are only really happy sleeping in the dark in their cot, I've almost never managed to cuddle up on the sofa with one of them sleeping on me.

Neither of them have ever slept in the car, sling, pushchair or anywhere else for that matter...

Have I given her the wrong message somehow?
How can I when she's been sleeping wonderfully for a week?


RoseMortmain Sat 20-Nov-10 21:44:30

No, of course you haven't, honestly smile.

She's a little baby and they have a horrible habit of doing things just because. There often isn't any rhyme or reason as to why they do a particular thing which makes it incredibly difficult for us parents to deal with it, especially when we're hugely sleep deprived.

DS2 was similar for only sleeping in his cot, in some ways it's great but when they get into these funny phases it makes life very tricky.

How has she been since you last posted?

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