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Rolling onto tummy

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RufflesKerfluffles Fri 19-Nov-10 18:44:09

My 16wo DS has started rolling onto his tummy the last few days, and has taken to practicing at night! The night before last, he was very unsettled, and one of the things which woke him up was ending up on his tummy. While he's enjoying rolling, he's never been a big fan of tummy time, so I expected the same to happen last night. In fact, we got a much better night's sleep, but it appears he spent some of it sleeping on his tummy.

He is able to roll from his tummy to his back, but I think he struggles to do so in his Moses basket. Should we be thinking about moving him to a cot now? He will grow out of the basket soon anyway, but I was hoping to keep him in it until next weekend, when we will be going away for the first time since he was born - I thought the familiarity of the basket would be good.

I'm mainly worried from a 'safe sleeping' point of view, although I guess if we start losing lots of sleep because he's waking on his tummy, then that will bother me too

Igglybuff Fri 19-Nov-10 18:53:13

Get him doing tummy time in the day - perhaps start a few mins at a time and make it fun. E.g get down to his level, talk/sing to him etc.

I would move to a cot - probably take a few nights to adjust?

Once DS started rolling in his sleep I left him to it as he slept better. Being in a cot meant he had room - had to put bumpers on though to stop his arms getting stuck and him banging his head!

RufflesKerfluffles Mon 29-Nov-10 17:39:28

Thanks for the advice. We moved him to the travel cot, because it was so near when we were going away, and had him in his cot for the first time last night. DH and I have both gone back to paranoidly checking he's ok in the night, but he seems fine there, and is enjoying the extra room.

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