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Baby Sweats

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emilyanorak Wed 17-Nov-10 18:20:13

hello, I have a 12 day old little boy and when I have been waking him in the night his back has been damp from sweating. Our bedroom is 18 at night and we only put one sheet and a blanket on him, across the chest. He;s wearing a vest and baby grow.

He's currently sleeping in a basket which has a plastic coated mattress (from Mothercare) with a sheet on. I'm wondering if this is making it worse?

has anybody else had this problem?

rubyslippers Wed 17-Nov-10 18:25:02

Those plastic mattresses do make babies sweat IME

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 17-Nov-10 18:29:41

I should think it is making him sweat as from your description it doesn't sound like he's overdressed.

If you can afford a breathable mattress then get one, if not, maybe putting multiple cotton sheets over the mattress may help?

Also, some babies are just hotter than others.

InmaculadaConcepcion Wed 17-Nov-10 19:31:49

My DD always sweated if she slept on impermeable surfaces too close to her body. It stopped once she started sleeping on a washable cot mattress with a cotton sheet. Very cheap from IKEA...!

goandshowdaddy Thu 18-Nov-10 18:01:27

Are you sure it's sweat? I only ask as I thought my DS1 had this but then was told by the HV that it was probably wee - his nappies had been leaking as I didn't know to point his willy down in his nappy!

Apologies if this sounds patronising - just I made the mistake and I'm sure others have too!

Having said all this, my DS2 (9 weeks) does seem to get a very hot back in his basket and he's got a plastic mattress like the one you describe so maybe I need to look at that too!

narmada Fri 19-Nov-10 21:42:48

Defo get rid of the plastic mattress. I would put money on it being that making him sweat. My DD slept in a cot like that once on holiday and it made her sweat like nobody's business.

emilyanorak Sat 20-Nov-10 20:44:59

Thanks, we're going to change the mattress and see how we get along.

also started to check his willy is pointing down when we change the nappy. good tip.

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