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Just in case it helps others - my amazing sleep breakthrough!

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jinglesticks Mon 15-Nov-10 11:20:29

DD had become rubbish at sleeping at 9 m - waking almost every 2 hours. I was feeding/rocking back to sleep and was knackered.

Then I noticed (by co-sleeping out of knackeredness) that what seemed to be waking her was farting! I posted on here about it, and was advised not to feed her veg with her evening meal. I tried this and instantly she slept through! Seems too much of a coincidence not to have been the answer.

So - if you are in the same situation I advise you to try it - I feel like a different person! grin

schroedingersdodo Tue 16-Nov-10 01:16:31

what sort of veg? What do you give her in the evening meal? DS is starting on solids now and he is having a lot of wind...

enimod Tue 16-Nov-10 09:51:19

oh wow- i might try this too! (baby that is not me)

ohrubbish Thu 18-Nov-10 13:38:14

Very excited by this! My 11 month old keeps waking and farting. What kind of things are you giving her for dinner instead? I would really, really love to know!

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