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2.5 yr old night issues!

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kentDee Sun 14-Nov-10 20:31:46


My toddler is a nightmare at nightime and I just dont know what to do.
She was a great sleeper as a baby and not too bad when she went into a bed from a cot- the problem is she cant settle without me. Last night it took 2 hours for her to go to sleep and I was in her room on a pillow at the end of her bed. Can anyone suggest anything or tell me what im doing wrong?

Tonight Im following advice off another thread. Bath, stories, cuddles, kiss and leave
the room. But it hasnt worked. She is out and at the top of the stairs by the gate.

Any suggestions? I cant spend 2 hours every night staying in her room.


girliefriend Sun 14-Nov-10 20:38:06

Yes sounds like a good routine, if she then gets out of bed I would go all supernanny on her and everytime she gets out of bed quietly and quickly pop her back in again. The trick is to try and not get frustrated or interact with her too much. Once she understands that bedtime means bedtime she will stop getting up. Good luck.

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