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Thinking of Co-sleeping - some questions and advice (we have a soft mattress)

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moonstorm Sat 13-Nov-10 19:29:26


I can't get ds (nearly 4 weeks) into his cot at night - even if I sit for 40 minutes to make sure he is deep asleep, he wakes up after 30 minutes ish. We are shattered - the last 2 nights I have fallen asleep with ds in my arms while sitting up, this can't be safe. Yesterday he was in my left arm almost upside down with his head near the mattress... I have woken up as he has slipped off my shoulder and I have caught him).. Last night I looked at my clock at 2.15, then when I looked again, it was 5.30 - I have spent 2 nights just sitting holding him.

Pros to co sleep:
we might sleep (I co-slept with ds1, but not until 11 months)

We have a soft memory foam mattress and can't afford to buy another
Everyone says don't do it because of SIDS

What do they wear?? We have preferred blankets to gro-bags.

I have such a dilemma.


ovumahead Sun 14-Nov-10 15:56:55

Can you temporarily co-sleep on a different matress together, e.g. a mattress on the floor in baby's room? IMO co-sleeping on a memory foam matress when it's not recommended is madness. Perhaps look in to those claims more - you may be able to get a firmer matress topper or something that could help.

BTW your baby is still so tiny! It's natural for him to want to be asleep in close proximity to someone else.

We had a cot bed which we took one side off and it was (luckily) the same height as our bed, so our ds had his own sleep space on his own mattress, but was also within arms reach for comforting and also could just pull him closer to breast feed. Perhaps you could try something like that? E.g. this looks like the kind of thing I mean.

And I'm sure that putting him on your matress would be a lot safer than letting him sleep in your arms and slipping out.. that is so dangerous.

Good luck finding a solution!

ovumahead Sun 14-Nov-10 16:00:45

Or how about one of these? Their website looks really useful anyway.

beancounting Tue 16-Nov-10 21:05:40

What about putting him on a moses basket mattress, with his own bedding, on top of the duvet? this is what we did with DD when she was brand new although we have a firm mattress (it was more to have something to tuck the blankets in really, though it also helped to sort of mark out her sleeping space IYKWIM).

MummyBerryJuice Tue 16-Nov-10 21:17:03

Have you thought about using a snuggle nest? It didn't work for us but... maybe? We have pretty much co-slept with DS since birth but he would settle for the first part of the evening/night in an Amby that we were kindly lent by an aquaintance. (They are pretty pricey but good deals can be found on e-bay)

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