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Oversleeping wrecking 10 m.o.'s nap routine - WWYD?

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AngelDog Thu 11-Nov-10 10:28:59

Okay, so the real answer is 'don't oversleep' wink but I'm trying to work out what to do when it does happen.

DS and I are recovering from bad colds, and he is also cutting a tooth and being affected by the second half of the 9 month sleep regression.

He normally wakes at 6.30am, then naps at 9am for around 35 mins and again at 1pm for 2 hours.

The last few days we've overslept due to exhaustion from being up half the night and being ill. Which is fine - except that his napping pattern has gone out of the window.

Today we woke at 8.30 shock despite me setting 2 alarms in an attempt to get back to our normal routine. hmm

Just 'going with the flow' doesn't work as his tired signs are virtually impossible to read (that's why scheduled naps work for him).

Part of the problem is that when he naps at different times, he often doesn't sleep as well for the second nap, which means he either needs a third nap and then bedtime is hideously late (= another horrible night) or is horribly overtired by bedtime (also = another horrible night).

Naps at the same intervals as usual only had limited success yesterday; might it be better to bin his first nap and keep him up for the second one but a bit earlier than usual?

He doesn't sleep well in the pushchair or car so I can't go out and just let him nod off whenever, and he needs rocking to sleep, so I can't just stick him in his cot and see if he drops off. Aargh!

Ineedsomesleep Thu 11-Nov-10 10:32:53

If he won't sleep well in the car or pushchair then you have my sympathy.

Have you thought about giving him a snack and his big nap at 11? Thay way he would miss his morning nap, which he shouldn't need if he's overslept, and not get too tired. It won't be long before he starts dropping his morning nap anyway.

Teaandcakeplease Thu 11-Nov-10 10:39:14

Atr 10 months both of mine still needed 2 naps, I gentle moved their naps gradually to 10.30am and 3pm and bedtime at 6.30pm - 7pm and this worked well, I did have to wake them by 7am in the morning though or it all went to pot. My boy still likes his nap in the morning at 22 months funnily enough but my daughter by 15 months moved to one lunchtime nap. I guess every child is different, sleep always goes to pot when poorly though doesn't it? smile

My boy didn't sleep well in a pram and in the car he always woke up when it stopped in the early days, however he slept very well in his cot after a bit of gentle sleep training. I tried never to get into the habit of rocking to sleep either of mine but if he's happy and settled and it works for you then carry on smile If you're ready to get him used to settling without rocking then I won't tell you how as you're always in the sleep topic and have all the books I'm sure grin

Teaandcakeplease Thu 11-Nov-10 10:40:43

Sorry a few typos there blush

AngelDog Thu 11-Nov-10 11:15:45

Thanks, both.

He's still up but think I'll try for the lunchtime nap soon & hope he sleeps for a decent length of time. I normally shower during his first nap so my routine is all out of kilter!

Teaaandcakes, yes, I've read loads of the books. I'm happy rocking him for the time being - I'd have been happy to keep feeding him to sleep (it's more portable smile) but that only works at night now. Developmental spurts affect him so badly I'd have to keep re-training him.

He'll sleep in the pushchair if it's bumpy enough - which means on the cobbles around our local cathedral. But walking up and down there gets wearing after a while, and even then the nap might be 2 hours but might only be 30 mins. confused

He likes to lie down to sleep, which is why he's not keen on naps in the car (or sling).

Teaandcakeplease Thu 11-Nov-10 11:28:03

Sounds a bit like St Albans near me. Yes my boy prefers to lie down. My girl was soooo much more flexible on sleep then him smile

Ineedsomesleep Thu 11-Nov-10 11:32:15

Must be a boy thing. DS always had to have his sleeps lying down at home. DD will sleep anywhere.

AngelDog Thu 11-Nov-10 12:15:53

You got it, Teandcakes - the very same. I love those cobbles! wink

I do like these comments about other DC being easier. He'll happily go to sleep sitting up, but can't stay asleep past the 15/20 min mark unless moving when he's upright.

He's asleep now, I'm showered and everything feels better.

Teaandcakeplease Thu 11-Nov-10 12:33:08

I shower with my boy nowadays, he loves it smile I did enjoy the long shower whilst they napped when I only had 1 child, good times smile

My friend got married at the cathedral 2 weeks ago on a Friday, it was so lovely. My DD thought it was a castle and the bride was a princess grin

AngelDog Thu 11-Nov-10 13:35:06

Ah, that's lovely. grin

DS slept for an hour and a half all by himself (normally he needs resettling after 45 mins). Now I can aim for a 6pm bedtime - he'll be overtired but there's more chance of getting back into our usual pattern tomorrow.

Thanks for your help!

Teaandcakeplease Sat 13-Nov-10 16:56:24

Thought of you AngelDog today as I popped over to Verulam park with the DCs to feed the ducks and so they could have fun at the playground. It's about 10 minutes drive from me. All was going great until DS kept trying to go after other peoples balls they'd left on the picnic tables and then he threw an enormous tantrum blush But I do love it there. So peaceful and pretty and the babychinos they do in the Inn on the Park are so sweet, as well as the 25p bird seed smile

Igglybuff Sat 13-Nov-10 19:19:21

Ah Angel hope things are better for you now! No advice here really except when DS oversleeps (rare) I shift his naps back a bit and cut short the second one if it's long (rare if overslept)!

Also can you shower in the evenings instead? I do my thing once DS is in bed, then mornings I dont need to worry so much. Although I guess with cosleeping you're going to bed with yours?

AngelDog Sat 13-Nov-10 22:11:27

Teaandcakes, we were talking about the ducks in Verulamium just today - must take DS down there now he's big enough to appreciate what's going on.

(I didn't realise the bird seed was that cheap - will definitely check it out!)

Iggly, thanks - yes, we had a much better day yesterday and are recovering from the colds.

I have thought about evening showers, but tbh my morning shower is the difference between feeling like death vs vaguely human. grin We only co-sleep from his first waking after I go to bed, though, so I do get some time to MN in the evenings.

He's 45 weeks now so before long I'll be working on helping him sleep a bit better at night which will mean everyone's happier all round.

How's your DS doing?

Igglybuff Sun 14-Nov-10 06:54:28

Angel, DS is not too bad. He's on about cold number 4 in a row with a nasty cough that was going but is coming back. Since I've gone back to work, the nanny has been taking him out more so I think he's picking up more germs. So I'll have to take him to the docs if it doesn't clear up soon. Sleep wise, he's slept through occasionally but 1 wake up a night is the norm now. If I'm lucky it's around 10/11pm! grin Although last night it was 1am hmm

Teaandcakeplease Sun 14-Nov-10 08:01:49

Oh yeah and you could probably push him in a toddler swing now I expect whilst there. The ducks were eating the seed out of my hand yesterday. They're very tame.

Love it.

AngelDog Wed 17-Nov-10 08:47:13

Oh, he'd love that, Teaandcakes - any kind of movement is a winner. That's lovely about the ducks.

DH was asking what he could do with DS when he looks after him while I go back to work, so I'll suggest a trip to Verulanium.

Iggly, 4 colds in a row sounds horrible, your poor DS. But I'm glad he's not waking too often - being pg is bad enough IME without being woken lots.

We had a 3-hour 'standathon' in the cot last night <sigh>, although fortunately it started at 9pm, not 2am. DS stayed asleep for 6 hours afterwards though, which was nice! grin

Teaandcakeplease Wed 17-Nov-10 19:10:56

Oh my it was cold today at Verulamium park. Brrrrrr! I wanted to go to a park in Abbots Langley near me but DD wanted the ducks!

Hope last night was better shock

colditz Wed 17-Nov-10 19:15:14

Let him over sleep, drop the morning nap and put him down for the afternoon nap earlier.

AngelDog Thu 18-Nov-10 19:18:07

Oh, it was perishing - we went to the local playgroud but DS pooed as soon as we got there and there was no way I was changing him outdoors so we came straight back!

He slept really well the next night (unsurprisingly) and only woke me once.

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