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Sleeping bag

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NoTeaForMe Wed 10-Nov-10 04:08:15

My baby is kicking her covers off her through the night, I have a sleeping bag which I think she is now big enough to use. What should she wear in it though? Just a long sleeved vest? It's a 2.5 tog bag.


ttalloo Wed 10-Nov-10 04:56:15

In winter I'd put her in a vest and babygro, and then in her sleeping bag. As the weather warms up into spring I'd leave the vest off so she's only in a babygro and bag, and then replace the babygro with the vest only.

Hope this helps!

HelenLG Wed 10-Nov-10 09:26:26

I've got a grobag chart for different temps as follows: -

26 degrees - 0.5 tog, short sleeved vest
24 degrees - 1.0 tog, short sleeved vest
22 degrees - 1.0 tog, long sleeved vest
20 degrees - 1.0 tog, short sleeved vest and pyjama top
2.5 tog, long sleeved vest
18 degrees - 2.5 tog, long sleeved vest and pyjama top
16 degrees - 2.5 tog, long sleeved vest and full pyjamas/babygro

I'd try it according the room temperature first and then adjust according to your babies temperature. DS always wears a long sleeve vest and pyjama top at about 20 degrees, otherwise he gets chilly.

NoTeaForMe Wed 10-Nov-10 11:30:14

Thanks, do you think a short sleeved vest and a long sleeved vest would be ok then? Don't have pyjamas and not sure they make them for 3 week olds!

What do you think? Will her legs be a bit chilly?

Tweetinat Wed 10-Nov-10 15:30:01

NoTeaForMe - I'd just go ahead and put her in vest and babygro/sleepsuit.

vez123 Wed 10-Nov-10 17:15:11

Same here. sleepsuit and vest as well. With all those nappy leaks you would want the sleepsuit to catch those rather than the sleeping bag..

NoTeaForMe Wed 10-Nov-10 17:33:37

Just to clarify, sleepsuit = this I know people call them different things in different places so thought i'd check!!


louloupoo Thu 11-Nov-10 20:13:37

Helen where did you get the chart from?

amyboo Fri 12-Nov-10 08:15:06

i think the chart is on the Grobag website.... They put it in the packaging for their sleeping bags as well. DS sleeps in a 2.5 tog sleeping bag, in a short-sleeved vest and babygro/sleepsuit. When it's warmer, he just gets the babygro, and when it's really warm (Summer) he's in a short-sleeved vest and a 1.0 tog sleeping bag.

HelenLG Fri 12-Nov-10 16:46:36

Amyboo is correct, I got it when I bought a grobag. As for DS legs getting cold, he seems fine, I believe it's their core temperature that matters most.

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