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Will my husbands snoring keep my baby awake!?

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NoTeaForMe Thu 26-Aug-10 00:27:22


I'm 33 weeks pregnant and am lying here wide awake listening to my husband snoring away!! I've been thinking about this recently and have been wondering how on earth a little baby is going to get any sleep in here! We would like the baby to sleep in our room for the first few months, but will my husbands snoring keep the baby awake unnecessarily?! What can I do to stop this happening?


Dione Thu 26-Aug-10 00:37:08

It should be ok. Baby's don't need silence to sleep. However you also need to sleep and if his snoring starts depriving you of sleep tell him to see a GP or move into the spare room. Good luck with the birth.

MichaelaS Thu 26-Aug-10 01:30:53

My Dh snores terribly and it never kept our baby awake. he was just used to it, both whilst being in my tummy and after escaping.

it would probably help if your baby was settled and sleeping before your dh drops off though. smile

good luck - at worst you can throw him into the spare room / sofa on the bad nights.

Orangerie Thu 26-Aug-10 02:55:55

Two scenarios:

- My friend has always tip toed around his child during sleep times, you are not allowed to talk in the house but just whisper after his bedtime, the house goes into silence as soon as the child is in bed. Then the neighbour drops a shoe on his own house and child iwakes and cries startled by the sudden, albeit soft, noise (we are talking here of a nearly 5 year old)

- My other friend has dogs that bark at any given time, the television is noisy, nobody lowers their voice because the child is sleeping. Child is able to sleep through an Earthquake (no metaphor there)

Be grateful, you will be in the second group.

Graciescotland Thu 26-Aug-10 04:21:08

My DS was born a week ago, the first time DH was asleep (snoring) he was all wide eyed but he got used to it really quickly and now can tune it out.

NoTeaForMe Thu 26-Aug-10 08:12:22

Thankyou all so much!

I hadn't planned on being silent once the baby was asleep and have a friend who used to make sure she hoovered when baby was asleep so he got used to noise!! But it hadn't occurred to me that the baby will prob just sleep through the snoring and then in fact be a better sleeper in the long run!

Now if only I could sleep.........

AngelDog Thu 26-Aug-10 08:20:05

Orangerie is right, but some babies just are more noise sensitive than others. If you have a good napper, making sure they nap in a not-too-quiet environment is a good idea. But if you have a poor napper, don't beat yourself up if you do need to have things a bit quieter. I don't have the house silent for my 7.5 m.o. DS's naps, but if there are loud / sudden noises in the first 5-10 minutes he either won't go to sleep at all, or wakes and simply cannot go back to sleep. But he's not a good napper - and having tried and failed to have him nap with normal noise levels, I decided it's better to have a child who needs quiet to sleep than a child who simply doesn't sleep.

Most newborns will sleep through anything though - it's when they start to become more aware of the world that being able to hear people around them can make it harder for them to drift off. But that's usually the case for voices, not snoring IME.

If noise is a problem, playing background white noise can help.

sanfair Sat 28-Aug-10 14:04:39

It doesn't seem to bother my DS. DH's theory is that it soothes him because he knows someone is close by...hmm

onimolap Sat 28-Aug-10 14:12:07

The baby will be fine. What will you be like when you've just finished a night feed and want to drop off, but he's trumpeting away next to you?

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 28-Aug-10 14:17:16

It is you I would worry about, not the baby.

Your husband has 7 weeks to do something about his snoring - has he been to the GP or lost any weight? Mine used to snore like a freight train but has lost 2 stone in the last 4 months and now no longer snores. It is bliss.

VeronicaCake Sat 28-Aug-10 16:00:21

Deffo make your DH go to the GP now. It can take ages to get specialist help on the NHS. If he drinks heavily or is overweight then he'll also need to address both of those things to see if they help before an onward referral.

My poor DH is banished to a foldout bed in the dining room, because it is the only room in the house where I can't hear him snore and I'm waking 4-6 times a night to settle DD and need all the help I can get to fall asleep again in between. He has been to the GPs who has given him some beconase as a starting point, but he's got to keep at it for a couple of months before they'll consider offering anything else and it isn't helping much.

notremotelyintofootie Sun 29-Aug-10 08:52:29

my dh snores really bad, especially after a few pints which recently has been more often (he is working on this...) and my dd was ok until she woke for a feed, then the snoring distracts her, she wont settle easily and i end up trying to soothe her for an hour at least! Dh now sleeps in the back room if he has had a pint or two or is getting up early for a shift so most nights its me and dd in here and its bliss! A 5 min feed and she's off and then i can sleep!
Dh wont see the doctor and is moaning about being next door to sleep but still doesnt see the need to get it sorted and tells me i am a bitch when i prod him to stop his snoring! When dd moves into her own room i can see myself retreating in there to sleep if he starts snoring again!! Not great....

If you can get your dh to see his gp asap do it before you both become sleep deprived, stressed, grumpy parents!

SingleMum84 Thu 03-Sep-15 13:45:54

I had the same with my ex partner, there is a reason he is my ex lol, and one of them was because of snoring! By the way my dad has it bad to my mum bought him one of those devices from SnoreBore I think.

Caterina99 Thu 03-Sep-15 19:25:43

When dh was snoring away on the sofa bed thing in the hospital ( I had a private room after c sec) and newborn ds was snoring away in the bassinet thing next to him, the nurse commented that babies find dads snoring comforting. Mums on the other hand search for things to throw at him!

Lucylou89 Sat 07-Oct-17 09:03:15

I was also worried about this.. The first few weeks myself and the baby were waking every hour.. Last night I sent my husband to the spare room.. We both had a brilliant sleep! Baby woke only at 3am for a feed and again at 6:30am.. I'm not one to keep things quiet around the house.. During the day I blow dry my hair while the baby is sleeping and she doesn't make a peep so not sure why the snoring would annoy her unless she's picking up on my vibes.. Perhaps it's a coincidence but I'm going to send him to the spare room again tonight and see.. Haha!

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