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Anyone tried a Peke moe sleeper for a swaddly baby?

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CrazyOVERbaby Fri 20-Aug-10 13:41:22


I have a baby who loves to be swaddled. So much so I worry that I'll have to swaddle her as a teenager. Has anyone tried a Pekemoe sleeper? If so, does it work (and how??), where can I get one and how much do they cost? Also any other tips to help me get her out of a swaddle appriciated! Oh she is only 11 weeks, so I guess there is no massive urgency - but she is pretty dependant, so want an exit strategy!!

CrazyOVERbaby Fri 20-Aug-10 17:52:32

bumping myself

Pearlnz Sat 21-Aug-10 02:18:33

Yes we used them for our little one. We live in NZ so we just ordered them off their website. I think they only sell from that. We used it for our little girl who was ONLY sleeping well in the miracle blanket, but she started escaping and we found it around her neck one night!! so scary! she just wouuldn't sleep well without it though. my friend bought us one first and it worked immediately so we just got more!! over here people sell them 2nd hand, so maybe keep an eye out if someone sells on ebay? i am on their facebook fan page adn they do giveaways on there. hope you find one!

CrazyOVERbaby Sat 21-Aug-10 08:10:45

Oh sounds great. How old was your little one? Last night I was up 3 times with mine, escaping from the miracle blanket! Need another solution!

LeslieWinkle Sat 21-Aug-10 09:39:25

Crazy, it wouldn't be an exit strategy but we use this instead of swaddle blankets encoding=UTF8&mcb=core

DD2 cannot get out of it because it uses a zip and she sleeps like a dream. It won't wean her off swaddling but it might let yo get more sleep whilst you figure out what to do next!

If it helps, my DD1 was dependent on swaddling, she was an appalling sleeper actually, and at about 4 months we just put her in a Grobag and she slept, we couldn't believe it. So there is hope!

CrazyOVERbaby Sat 21-Aug-10 10:23:05

Hi Leslie. Thanks for that. I have a swaddle pod, but stopped using it a while ago as it seemed to make no difference. However, I think I might bring it out again and try using for naps. As she's a bit bigger now it might work. Funnily enough though, I am thinking of going cold turkey and just shoving her in a gro bag and seeing what happens. She might be fine- who knows!!

Scarlett175 Sat 21-Aug-10 18:32:25

our DD loved to be swaddled from birth until 15 weeks (is 17 weeks now)- when we moved her from her moses basket to her cot we decided to change her into the grobag and cope with the change all at once. We bought a sleep positioner from amazon, and for the first 5 days loosely folded a muslin around her arms and wedged her in the sleep postioner IFYSWIM?? we would check on her in the night and she would have broke free with her arms above her head, but it seemed to be enough to stop the startle reflex upon going to sleep.

Then after 5 days we stopped tucking the muslin, and 2 days ago stopped using the sleep positioner, and she is fine

So cute to hear her snuffle about 'getting comfy' then see her arms straight out either side. I was very worried about this change, and to be honest we did all this whilst having a very unsettled few weeks (4 month regression we think) but seems to have been better to get it all over with at once.



Pearlnz Sun 22-Aug-10 00:56:17

we used it from about 5/6months.. that when she started escaping adn not sleeping well..
all the best to you!

CrazyOVERbaby Sun 22-Aug-10 08:11:10

Oh girls. Another bad night. She woke at 4.30am wanting to comfort herself. I was in 3 times with a dummy before she settled. We are in a catch 22 as she won't setttle without a swaddle, but she won't re-settle without her fingers - which she obviously can't get at beneath the swaddle. Have ordered a peke moe, and am going to look into the sleep positioner. She is still in the moses basket and this is another hurdle we need to overcome.

God's truth she's a pain in the arse this one!hehe

sheepgomeep Sun 22-Aug-10 20:40:36

I've got a swaddly baby too and she is 15 weeks this week, She used to sleep very well so much that I thought wow an easier baby this one and thats biting me on the arse now because she is escaping seems uncomfortable and yet will not go off withought a swaddle. She has that start reflex thing which disturbs her so I'm going to have to try another way. She is also trying to turn over when she is free, making these horrendous grunting noises with the effort and when she succeeds screams because she get stuck on her belly. arghhh

redllamayellowllama Sun 22-Aug-10 20:47:02

We were in exactly the same position when DS was near enough exactly the same age; breaking free of his swaddle, but not able to sleep without being swaddled. We bought a peke moe - it was delivered very, very quickly and it 'cured' him in about a week. From then on in, he was in a gro-bag till he was about a year and then into a duvet.

I'd really recommend them. Do you know anyone who can sew? They are essentially a pillow-case with a zip at one end and a very stretchy t-shirt type opening at the other.

Jojay Sun 22-Aug-10 20:50:35

I sympathise with you as DS was a swaddle addict too, but don't worry too much about an exit strategy. I swaddled DS2 until he was 7 months at least. I used a homemade combo of 2 layers of stetchy t shirt material, one to pin his arms down and one to wrap him up completely. It was similar to the Miracle Blanket I guess.

Peke Moe, Wombies and other similar sacks were no good for Ds as if he could get his hands anywhere near his face, you'd had it.

But my point is, don't rush to get them out of the swaddle. if it works, stick with it and they'll be out in their own sweet time smile

CrazyOVERbaby Mon 23-Aug-10 10:24:29

Sheepgomeep - I've ordered one of those peke moe thingies, so I'll let you know how it goes, if it works for mine you might want to give it a bash. It's supposed to be delivered in 10 working days, so either keep looking on this thread for an update, or you could give me your email and I'll send you an update!!

I'll be really interested to see if it works. People rave on about them for swaddle addicted babies, but I just can't see how it will work! Saying that, neither did the mums and dads who rave on about them, so I might be surprised. Watch this space!

Redllama - you said that it 'cured' him within a week - do you mind if I ask you how that week went? Did you wean him off his swaddle and into the peke moe of did you go cold turkey? How did he find it? Thanks

Thanks to everyone else for their advice. We never had any of this malarkey with DD1. As soon as she was through the night she was out of the swaddle, into the gro-bag and into her cot in one night and she was fine. Ahhhhh.

redllamayellowllama Mon 23-Aug-10 23:02:39

We had no choice but to go cold turkey - the arrival of the peke moe co-incided with us visiting some friends and we forgot to take the usual swaddle blanket. We put him in the peke moe and then very firmly tucked a blanket around him (think we went under the mattress - maybe even going so far as to jam a rolled up towel down one side to keep him firmly in) to give him a sense of 'closeness' that he must have liked from the swaddle.

We did this for 2 nights (and naps that took place in the day) and then made the blanket looser for a night or so. We then put a gro-bag over the peke moe to get him used to that and after about 3 nights left the peke moe out of the equation.

At no point did it really present any problems - he took longer to go to sleep on the first night (kept on whacking himself in the face) but wasn't distressed in anyway.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

(I was so enthusiastic at the time that I sent in a picture of DS in his peke moe - he's in the Thomas the Tank Engine one on the website. Incidentally, be specific about the kind of material you want - I said I didn't mind and ended up with a Thomas one which I found a little garish!)

pookamoo Mon 23-Aug-10 23:06:45

Have you tried swaddling with one arm out? My DD loved being swaddled, we moved to one arm out, then both arms out, then into a growbag, which we dropped at the start of this summer when it was really hot.

AngelDog Tue 24-Aug-10 21:44:13

You can swaddle with their arms near their face - I think it's called an Australian swaddle. If you look in the archives for a thread called 'challenging 3 month olds' there is a link on there (the thread is long, though, so searching would be best).

We weaned off the swaddle 3 times but the first 2 times we had to return to it as DS was waking up to 9 times a night without it. Suddenly at around 5.5 months he decided he didn't like it any more, which coincided with him not waving his arms and waking himself up so much.

CrazyOVERbaby Tue 24-Aug-10 22:06:39

I'll give it all a go and let you know how we get on, wish me luck!!

Joe2011 Mon 10-Oct-11 01:18:35

DO NOT FALL FOR IT! We bought this product and paid almost $65 US...all it got us was a screaming child for hours! Asked for them to refund us, they pointed to a check box that they make you click before you purchase...stating "if it doesn't work for your child, we will not give you a refund" So on top of the product being a joke and not working...they won't refund your money either! PEKE MOE...IS A FRAUD!!! Do not buy have been warned!!!

mummysleepy Tue 11-Oct-11 21:34:29

ummm Joe just because it didn't work for you doesn't mean its a fraud confused

seems to work for lots of other people

nearlytherenow Wed 12-Oct-11 10:24:53

Worked very, very well for DS1 at 6 months. Not so good for DS2, but he's still little, I keep trying it every few weeks.

InmaculadaConcepcion Wed 12-Oct-11 14:46:36

Nope, it's not a fraudulent product at all or a joke. But not all things suit all babies, we all have to bear that in mind when we try new things with our LOs.

It took my formerly swaddled baby a couple of days or so to get used to the looser-fitting Peke Moe and she slept fine in it thereafter until she outgrew it.

I would have no problem recommending the Peke Moe sleeping bag. It's a perfectly good product. But like all products, it won't work miracles. It's a piece of cloth with a zip.

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