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Great night time sleeper but poor daytime napper...

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Betsey337 Sun 08-Aug-10 20:20:15

My 14 week old is great at settling himself at bed time and has even started sleeping through the night. But daytime naps are a big no at the moment. He cries so much and gets very worked up. I really don't want this to have a negative effect on the night time e.g. ends up hating his cot.
Can he really survive on just the nightime sleep (7pm - 10.30pm and then 11.15pm - 7am)
He is clearly tired during the day and does need sleep, as this can affect how well he feeds, (which can result in him waking in the early hours)
I always try to put him down for naps but if it doesn't work then I will take him out in his pram and then he will have a cat nap.
Any pearls of wisdom?

curlyLJ Sun 08-Aug-10 23:00:59

Hi, I used to tear my hair out for the same reason when DD was this age. Eventually it has got better and she will now settle for a nap (some days better than others) as long as I get the timing right. I gave up trying to read her tired signs and try to get her down roughly every 2 hours. SOme people say they need an nap about an hour after waking, but DD has never gone down this soon after waking - the 2 hours seems about right for her. She still really fights the last nap of the day, and sometimes I give up on this one, but generally the naps began to improve when she got to about 18 weeks...

She also used to sleep well at night, 9pm to about 5 or 6 and then back again till 8ish after a quick feed. This has now gone out the window and she is back to waking aout 1/1.30am for an extra feed confused

Hope that helps in some way. Basically I think their habits change so much at this age. I know that every time I think I am getting somewhere and think I have 'cracked it' she goes and does something completely different!!

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