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Ok so i have the actual going to bed sorted but how can i get DD 2yrs to go back to bed in the night ??

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sparklystar Tue 20-Jul-10 07:57:51


Been having problems for ages with my DD and her sleeping (use permenant maychsticks to keep my eyes open lol)

I tackled the going to bed the other week and now she will go down without any problem.

The problem is she wakes screaming / loud crying anywhere between 12am and 3am and its sooo frustrating she will not go back into her cotbed unless i lay with her but i can't as i have a problem with my back so i end up taking her downstairs to keep her quiet as DH is at work during the week.

Any suggestions greatfully recieved

bubbles12 Wed 21-Jul-10 20:03:22

Hi there,
Do you have any idea why she is waking? Could she be getting scared of the dark and need a night light? My DD sometimes has odd dreams now that she needs reassurance about.

I can see how this must be so frustrating - Would she be settled if you just sat next to her bed and stroked her or held your hand on her? It's not a long term solution but you may be able to progress to gradually just sitting near her and then by the door?

Sorry I can't be more helpful. Hopefully someone who knows what they are talking about will be along soon!

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