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grobag cotbed duvet set

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fizzpops Mon 19-Jul-10 12:19:28

Does anyone have any experience of this and what extra bits (eg pillow) do you need to buy?
I am thinking of going for the bundle which includes the bedding set and duvet I believe.

scaussie Mon 19-Jul-10 23:01:34

I could not have lived without the grobags until dd was just over 2y.o.
No pillow was needed until about the same age when she went into a "big bed" complete with duvet.

It gave me peace of mind with regards to cot death. I did not have to check if she was too hot or too cold as there was a thermometer and guide with the grobag.
Also, she wasn't able to kick her grobag off so I didn't have to run in and put blankets, etc on her. And she got used to being in it at bed-time so if we were not at home she saw this as a cue for sleep. Also, she was not able to climb out of her cot as she got older.

they come in 3 diff tog ratings according to the temp. 2.5 tog in the winter, 1 tog in Summer and .5 tog in very hot weather (not really needed). and the size/age is 0-6m, 6-18m & 18m - 36m. So the drawback is that you will need at least 2 for each age group.

You can get official grobags pretty cheaply off eBay or tkmaxx (£12) and they sell really well on eBay when you no longer have any need for them.

fizzpops Tue 20-Jul-10 12:25:00

Thanks for the reply - we have been using grobags so far (DD is 2.3 yo), but now we want to use a toddler duvet set and think the grobag one might be suitable as she is a bit of a wriggler and it zips up the side and to the base sheet.

Just getting a bit confused about what is included in the price and what is not.


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