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Rolling Over

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MazJSimpson Sun 21-Aug-05 10:57:59

My dd is 5 months old and has been rolling over onto her front for a couple of weeks now. The last couple of nights she has been rolling onto her front, I don't mind this so much as she can lift her head really well, but she is rolling over and then crying to be rolled back. As soon as I roll her back she rolls back onto her front. This is happening 4 or 5 times a night. She has rolled onto her front and actually slept for a couple of hours as well, so I know she can sleep in this position. Any advice?

stacijc Sun 21-Aug-05 11:04:02

we had this a few weeks agio with ds2. he was just finding the most comfy way to sleep i think, he sleeps on his front now. it will stop soon i promise!

busywizzy Sun 21-Aug-05 20:09:59

My DS is also five months and has just started rolling. He tries to roll for his daytime naps but he's usually so tired that he doesn't try too hard and just goes to sleep. When he wakes up, he immediately rolls onto his tummy and then cries because he can't get back and I know he's awake!

At night-time, he's in a sleeping bag/grobag and he can't roll in that. Have you tried one as maybe that will do the trick.

MazJSimpson Mon 22-Aug-05 11:26:51

Thanks, I have a grobag, but she still manages it. Think I will just have to go with the flow and see what happens!

starlover Mon 22-Aug-05 11:28:16

haha ds started this at about 5 months, he is now nearly 7 months and still does it!

hunkermunker Mon 22-Aug-05 11:28:49

She'll learn to roll back in a few days. I remember DS doing this - he sleeps on his front with his bottom in the air now (he's 16mo).

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