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ok i know your going to slate me ..

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happybutbored Thu 22-Oct-09 00:03:12

but im pregnant, bored and a "celeb", guess who i am?

kormaAAAARRRRGGHHchameleon Thu 22-Oct-09 00:04:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Piffle Thu 22-Oct-09 00:04:45


TeamEdward Thu 22-Oct-09 00:05:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dizzydixies Thu 22-Oct-09 00:06:44

angelina? if you are could you please tell BRad to stop pestering me

Piffle Thu 22-Oct-09 00:09:56

Sorry I thought you said pregnant, boring and a celeb
my mistake

happybutbored Thu 22-Oct-09 00:11:26

no none of those! and dont know brad lol

dizzydixies Thu 22-Oct-09 00:13:08

sarah beeny? aren't you ALWAYS preggers?

happybutbored Thu 22-Oct-09 00:13:36

lol no

jasper Thu 22-Oct-09 00:15:08

Camilla Parker Bowles?

ShowOfHands Thu 22-Oct-09 00:15:38

I'll slate you, your grammar's atrocious.

psychomum5 Thu 22-Oct-09 00:18:06

would you tell us anyway if any of us guess??

I mean, if you are celeb enough to be in the media, then announcing your happy state on MN would mean it splashed across the daily mail tomorrowwink

llaregguBOO Thu 22-Oct-09 00:25:12

you're sara cox, I bet.

TeamEdward Thu 22-Oct-09 00:28:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WeeMo85 Thu 22-Oct-09 00:29:27

zoe ball?

mammyknowsbest Thu 22-Oct-09 00:30:44

Has Jordan got a secret bun in the oven? grin

TeamEdward Thu 22-Oct-09 00:31:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mammyknowsbest Thu 22-Oct-09 00:32:34

Nah not Jordan. So who are you?????
I think I'll go with Zoe Ball.
If it is Zoe Ball say hiya to your dad (he's lovely)

TeamEdward Thu 22-Oct-09 00:32:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WeeMo85 Thu 22-Oct-09 00:32:48

carly zucker?

jennifer ellison?

Jude Law's ex?

Am bored too but not pregnant yet (i think?)

WeeMo85 Thu 22-Oct-09 00:34:08

TeamEdward did u just google pregnat celebs? Cos i did!

TeamEdward Thu 22-Oct-09 00:34:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WeeMo85 Thu 22-Oct-09 00:35:10

thats the same site i was just on!

scottishmummy Thu 22-Oct-09 00:36:44

LOL does anyone really say im a "celeb"
do you book taxis im a celeb i need a cab
and congratulations on pg.if you are schleb will you do dem horrid magazine specials"my joy...look no roots...a new baby".they are barftastic

and i guess an appleton

mammyknowsbest Thu 22-Oct-09 00:37:54

Hint please grin

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