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coolasfudge Thu 15-Oct-09 00:04:54


cathcat Thu 15-Oct-09 00:14:48

good grief! That is not attractive.
I thought her appeal was the girl next door type innocence. She seems to have lost all that sad

TeamEdward Thu 15-Oct-09 00:27:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IrritableGrizzly Thu 15-Oct-09 09:28:34

I haven't opened the link but I BET this is about Leslie Ash - am I right? What in the name of arse has she done to herself? She looks monstrous.

IrritableGrizzly Thu 15-Oct-09 09:30:33

lol, I was wrong! Here is what I thought it was...

THat'll teach me to post too quickly!

FlameWithTooManyHormones Thu 15-Oct-09 09:37:15

Leslie ash reminds me of a puppet from a kid's tv programme (thinking early 90s) but can't remember what!!

A bit hmm about this comment though "How dare this woman accept £5 million. Not in her whole career would she accrue this. My sister suffers from Lupus and contracted MRSA after her second hip operation and fortunate to survive - she also walks aided by a stick but has never complained or made a claim for compensation and appreciates being alive."

I'm not keen on the whole suing everyone in sight thing, but the option is there, just because her sister hasn't used it doesn't make anyone who does evil.

What did Chantelle used to look like? Who is she?

IrritableGrizzly Thu 15-Oct-09 09:57:37

That's better!

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