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Steven Gately dead at 33

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stoppingat3 Sun 11-Oct-09 08:02:34

Such a scary young age, whats your bet on a cause?
DH immediately said drugs

ssd Sun 11-Oct-09 08:13:31

poor soul sad

FlappyTheBat Sun 11-Oct-09 08:15:24

My initial thought was drugs too but it might not have been.
Wonder if this will affect the x factor results show at all?

Louie might not turn up!

bargainhuntingbetty Sun 11-Oct-09 10:53:50

I was just going to start a thread about this. Soooooo sad at this young age and when he and is partner were so happy too. Poor family.,

cornsilk Sun 11-Oct-09 10:54:43

Very sad. Some people do die in their sleep of natural causes.

pofacedandproud Sun 11-Oct-09 10:55:55

how terribly sad.

SanctimoniousTeeTotalPrig Sun 11-Oct-09 10:56:33

Third thread on this today.

And it's terrible to speculate about the cause of death.

cornsilk Sun 11-Oct-09 10:57:20

Absolutely agree sanctimonious.

bargainhuntingbetty Sun 11-Oct-09 11:00:03

I second that, it doesnt matter why/how he died he is only 33 and it is terribly sad and people he loved will mourn.

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