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CherylCole's new single

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sazzlelou Sat 03-Oct-09 17:30:10

Has anybody heard it/seen the video?
What do you think?

She is wearing very odd trousers/pyjamas!
And in a couple of scene I think she looks like Victoria Beckham!

I think she looks very chav compared to her posh X factor outfits


I was going to put a link to the youtube video but it wont let me open it at the moment

coolasfudge Sat 03-Oct-09 22:27:38

need a link, need a link!

tulpe Sat 03-Oct-09 22:30:24

Heard it but not seen video. It's okay. Nothing special. Very over-produced and anonymous track imo.

CybilLiberty Sat 03-Oct-09 22:32:07

Her pj bottoms that she dances in are awful. She has what can only be described as a childs hooded sequinned beach towel in a tiger pattern on in some bits. She looks nice in her red jacket and hat,but the song itself is...meh

coolasfudge Sun 04-Oct-09 01:37:09

song is ok....but those kecks....nooooo cheryl!!!

BiteOfFun Sun 04-Oct-09 01:53:29

Link here


vampyrekisses Sun 04-Oct-09 02:27:15

its shite

UnquietDad Sun 04-Oct-09 13:01:54

Those hooded items look ghastly. The tight leather trousers and military jacket are cool.

But the whole video seems a mess, stylistically - it doesn't hang together with any kind of artistic vision. It's just a confused montage. And the "street-dance" sequence against the white background is very awkward - doesn't even fit the song. It would be much more suited to a more frenetic, pacy song.

The song itself is all right but nothing special. It'll be no. 1.

AnyFuleKno Sun 04-Oct-09 13:29:17

Beyond crap. I don't 'get' the Cheryl Cole phenomenon at all.

dittany Sun 04-Oct-09 13:32:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pinkglow Tue 06-Oct-09 11:54:24

I kept thinking she was singing 'fight for this club' when I first heard it

complete rubbish, No 1

cripesalorky Tue 06-Oct-09 13:17:52

It is totally awful, and has that electronic sound to the vocals (like they did with Victoria Beckham when it transpired that she really couldn't sing.)

GypsyMoth Tue 06-Oct-09 13:25:03

kind of like a Britney video,but i don't think Cheryl can actually dance!

UnquietDad Tue 06-Oct-09 18:46:00

cripesalorky - yes, it's called "auto-tune". They use it a lot...

ScaryFucker Tue 06-Oct-09 18:54:26

she was singing "fight in this club"

'cos she does that, you know wink

she is convicted violent criminal, ain't she

southeastastra Tue 06-Oct-09 18:55:27

grin sf! so true hmm she get's right on my tits

ScaryFucker Tue 06-Oct-09 18:57:24

dh loves her hmm

PeasPlease Tue 06-Oct-09 19:00:58

It sounds like more than one person singing on that song - total crap.

PVish Tue 06-Oct-09 19:02:05

her make up is a bit morgue stylee

memorylapse Tue 06-Oct-09 19:04:34

bored,bored,bored, turned it off after the first 10 seconds..cant stand Cheryl Cole

PVish Tue 06-Oct-09 19:04:42

but i cant talk thanks to radio 2 i AM OBSessed with michel sodding bubles new song

<picks up knitting>

PoisonToadstool Tue 06-Oct-09 19:05:08

look & sound = 90s


PVish Tue 06-Oct-09 19:06:48

snort - havea bit of mickey B instead

PVish Tue 06-Oct-09 19:10:32

gpd and I love the video
heaven help me

ScaryFucker Tue 06-Oct-09 19:13:59

oh my god, I sooooo would

I never realised he was so sexy

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