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I know it's a bit like shooting fish in a barrell these days but Liz Jones & Daily HateMail AGAIN...

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itchyandscratchy Fri 25-Sep-09 15:06:45

Was just googling some articles I need for some stuff I'm doing at school about body image... and I came across this, admittedly an 'archived' article but still...

Yes, I think I'll definitely use that article so help raise teenage girls' self-esteem hmm angry

Nancy66 Sun 27-Sep-09 15:05:41

I'm not sure this is a good example.

It's a story about how drugs and alcohol ravage your looks

cornsilk Sun 27-Sep-09 15:27:42

Very bitchy article I think.

PortAndLemon Sun 27-Sep-09 16:10:48

In the grand scheme of articles it doesn't seem too bad -- it's pointing out (again) that most supermodels have their photos retouched to a high degree before we ever see them (so are setting an unachievable standard) and that your lifestyle will have as great or greater impact on how you look once you are out of the first flush of extreme youth as your innate "perfect" good looks (so all is not lost looks-wise if you don't think you are blessed with fantastic genes).

Liz Jones is (unsurprisingly) enjoying pointing those things out rather too much, but the central points appear valid.

Meglet Mon 28-Sep-09 22:25:21

Snippy article. But for once she has a point.

In RL all the people I know who partied too hard are ageing badly, and I daresay their insides aren't too healthy either. I'm glad I was too vain to smoke, get blind drunk all the time, or take drugs.

Having said that I am very envy of all the fun she has, damn site more than I do!

UnquietDad Tue 29-Sep-09 14:47:04

What is "partying" exactly anyway?

I mean, if you are an adult and attached, what's the point of it? Isn't the word just a euphemism for taking "recreational drugs" hmm ?

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