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Heidi Klum shows off her bump at the Emmys

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MmeLindt Tue 22-Sep-09 08:03:11

She looks great.

They have not decided on a name yet for their fourth child that is due in the coming weeks. Maybe she should come on MN and ask for ideas.

5inthebed Tue 22-Sep-09 08:06:11

I think she looks great envy. The comments at the bottom are quite harsh though!

Flamesparrow Tue 22-Sep-09 08:06:13

Oooh wow envy

Flamesparrow Tue 22-Sep-09 08:06:59

What's with the bump hiding comments??? shock

CybilLiberty Tue 22-Sep-09 08:08:05

Hk always looks amazing. have you seen her on Project Runway? she's too perfect

MmeLindt Tue 22-Sep-09 08:08:19

Oh, I did not read the comments. Why should she hide her bump? She looks fab.

FlamingoDuBeke Tue 22-Sep-09 08:09:35

Wow! She looks bloody fantastic! Lucky her smileenvy

FlamingoDuBeke Tue 22-Sep-09 08:11:21

Just read the comments - bloody women hating twats!

MmeLindt Tue 22-Sep-09 08:50:02

Do they really expect pregnant women to go around in smocks? Preferably ones with sailor collars, I presume? Idiots.

MamieVanDoren Tue 22-Sep-09 08:59:12

I've not even clicked on the link but I'm going to assume the story is from the Wail which means it's read by misogynistic, backwards thinking Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells types hence the bump hating comments.

She looks bloody amazing!

A woman born to have kids if ever I saw one. Beautiful couple and beautiful family - can't wait to see what they name this lo!

AnyFucker Tue 22-Sep-09 09:15:06

Heidi Klum, for example, is fabulous

Her kids are gorgeous too

Although I do tend to think she needs to be at home with her feet up grin

MmeLindt Tue 22-Sep-09 09:19:25

I don't think that she does "feet up". She is very driven, very ambitious. (And I mean that in a positive way)

She did the German model contest, Deutschlands nächste Top Model, and she came over as very professional but also very caring. She was lovely to the girls but expected a lot from them too.

I too cannot wait to hear what their baby is to be called, I like the names of their other DC.

Flamesparrow Tue 22-Sep-09 09:50:39

I have been out twice in the last few weeks and I assume I am due at a similar time to her (shock wink) - the first I had a flowing maxi dress, the second a short bump hugging one. I got far more compliments on the bump hugging one

5inthebed Tue 22-Sep-09 12:18:25

Flame, you look lovely with your bump anyway. You could rival Heidi!

notyummy Tue 22-Sep-09 12:28:57

She looks amazing.

Nothing else to say eally.

stillstanding Tue 22-Sep-09 12:39:26

She looks absolutely gorgeous. And I love the fact that she actually looks 8 months pregnant and not like she has just had a big lunch like a lot of celebrities.

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