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Peter Andre NOW on ITV1

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mummatoone Mon 17-Aug-09 21:15:55

Poor, poor Pete sad. God some are going to slate him for this...but I dont care what people think I LIKE him and am even starting to fancy him a bit!!!. I just wish he'd stop hinting at why he left her and tell us instead of keeping us hanging on - he hints that its a biggy just wish someone would blab.

Common then Im sure there's ton of MN's that have an opinion and are going to slate him for this wink

juanitad Mon 17-Aug-09 21:19:50

I'm with you! Didn't used to like him particularly but I'm starting to change my mind!!

LadyOfWaffle Mon 17-Aug-09 21:22:03

I've always liked him, apart from the cheesyness he does seem a really nice guy and I don't mean from all the Stateside etc. stuff, I mean from way back.

paddingtonbear1 Tue 18-Aug-09 11:29:28

I watched some of his show last night while doing the ironing, much to my dad's disgust (he can't stand Pete or Jordan). I don't think he came across that badly, really. It was obviously heavily edited though- they couldn't show any footage of Harvey and apparently a very heated phone conversation was also cut (at KP's request).

tegan Tue 18-Aug-09 15:15:40

I watched it this morning (sky+) and to be honest i thought it was exactly what he needed to do. He was honest, as was everyone around him, and it just proved that all the time you saw them together she was a put on and he was hid genuine self as he was last night, you just gotta love him

jenk1 Tue 18-Aug-09 20:07:34

there was a hint of something in one of the papers a few days ago, i dont want to say in case of libel etc, but it was "hinted" that it was the real reason he left her.

i suppose hes got to be careful as well because he could be sued as well if he named names.

yada Tue 18-Aug-09 20:11:48

is this to do with the thing that kp offered someone (think bi member of boyband that is named after a colour)

the think offered with was to do with shock < < < < making this face

MaggieBeauLeo Tue 18-Aug-09 20:14:00

me too!!! I mean, fancy him a bit. Weird! He's nicer looking now than he was tenyears ago, but back then he was deliberately trying to appeal to gay market. Too much of a full time Dad to try that now.

MaggieBeauLeo Tue 18-Aug-09 20:15:52

what she offered duncan from blue a blow job!? ffs ,stop all the code!!! I hate all this hinting.

yada Tue 18-Aug-09 20:26:55

i was not hinting, i was giving you what i had heard without naming names.

was not difficult to work out was it??

mummatoone Tue 18-Aug-09 21:51:52

oooo really do you think it was that? - yuk she is vile, vile, vile....I'd take PA to my breast anytime and make it all better smile

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