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Buffy's "huge" bump...

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Flamesparrow Sat 08-Aug-09 11:44:34



She is due "autumn". Looking at her she is about the same size as me, due mid October. How is that huge?!?!

RedDeadFail Sat 08-Aug-09 11:52:19

Because 'here is a normal sized bump' isn't quite the DM attention-grabbing, weight-obsessed headline they usually plump for?

How many of the links on the right hand side of that page link to stories about weight? Is there any news of the news variety to be had?

CarGirl Sat 08-Aug-09 11:55:45

No she doesn't look "huge" but I seem to think she is fairly petite heightwise, which tends to make your bump look bigger because it's got nowhere else to go other than out!

Flamesparrow Sat 08-Aug-09 11:58:28

I was wondering how much was down to her frame - she is teeny and doesn't seem to have gained any other weight either.

They are freakishly obsessed with weight on there.

PlumBumMum Sat 08-Aug-09 12:11:14

Oh god glad I'm not famous because if I were pg the headlines would be PLUMBUMMUM HOUSING QUADS IN HER BUMPgrin
I get massive!

Trikken Sat 08-Aug-09 12:12:43

looks normal to me, pretty small for seven months if anything.

JulesJules Sat 08-Aug-09 12:23:26

grin Who on earth writes this crap - I notice the piece is not named, it is by "Daily Mail Reporter". Whoever it is has obviously never actually seen a pg woman.

Lifeinagoldfishbowl Sat 08-Aug-09 12:24:56

I've always liked SMG

CarGirl Sat 08-Aug-09 12:40:50

as someone with a petite frame (very short too) I looked like a bus very quickly, I had random strangers asking me if I was having twins after they'd ask my due date. Didn't help that I have large babies though.

I think perhaps it's your pelvis shape? My babies were just straight out front which makes you look def pregnant quickly rather than the embarrassing, has she put on weight or is she pregnant look.

Flamesparrow Sat 08-Aug-09 12:44:04

I seem to keep having people asking when I am due, and then saying "Oh...." with an expression that looks like I am clearly lying.

I have never been this shape before - I am normally bump and bum, but this time I am just bump <yay>. My shorts are actually feeling too big today hmm

CarGirl Sat 08-Aug-09 12:49:27

3rd ones are usually the largest........

Buffy is such a cool name btw

Ozziegirly Mon 10-Aug-09 05:41:37

I have a small crush on SMG. I used to love Buffy, and think she is pretty, and I like her films, she always looks nice, doesn't appear all over the tabloids and seems to have a nice marriage.

Longtalljosie Mon 10-Aug-09 11:53:39

Bear in mind the headlines and photo straps are written by someone other than the reporter - possibly someone who's never seen a pregnant woman before, by the looks of it...

muffle Mon 10-Aug-09 11:59:24

Ha ha ha. That looks like me when I was about 3 months pg (with only one baby inside as well). I could have shown them a huge bump! I've seen pics of a few other eye-watering ones belonging to MNers on here as well.

I think what they meant to say was "Damn - SMG looks completely unremarkable, she doesn't look fat, look like shit and not has she made a maternity fashion eror. DAMN! eeeehhhmm... "huge bump" will this do ed?"

bethoo Mon 10-Aug-09 12:06:04

wtf ar they going on about? she looks great and i hope i look that good at that stage, saying that i am only 19 weeks and i feel bigger than she looks!

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