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Lavender Love

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grabagran Thu 30-Jul-09 15:08:15

My sister(whose Gaydar sense has been 1005 right up until now) is convinced that a certain scottish actor who is getting big across the pond is that way inclined, and that the flirting with her of the famous hair is all a publicity stunt.She has had an unhealthy interest in him and has completed hours of internet research on him before coming to the disappointing conclusion-she hope she is wronmg but doubts it.Any info?

nigglewiggle Thu 30-Jul-09 15:10:28

What are you on about?

ExtraFancy Thu 30-Jul-09 15:12:49

Ask Popbitch wink

NorbertDentressangle Thu 30-Jul-09 15:14:25

at least give us initials to work on!

southeastastra Thu 30-Jul-09 15:15:42

ewan mcgregor?

notsurewhattobelieve Thu 30-Jul-09 15:16:09

jennifer aniston and ....Dr who? the one from last king of scotland?

grabagran Thu 30-Jul-09 15:17:24

Bit too cryptic I think. OK. GB and JA.

cornsillk Thu 30-Jul-09 15:19:39

Who is GB? I need clues.

NorbertDentressangle Thu 30-Jul-09 15:21:12

Gordon Brown wink

ExtraFancy Thu 30-Jul-09 15:26:40

Ohhhhh Phantom, right?

hobbgoblin Thu 30-Jul-09 15:39:51

gerard butler

hobbgoblin Thu 30-Jul-09 15:41:05

who is he

hobbgoblin Thu 30-Jul-09 15:41:51

just out of interest
quite hairy
is it hairy mclairy?

hobbgoblin Thu 30-Jul-09 15:42:12

god my feet are hot

grabagran Thu 30-Jul-09 16:24:02

He is very girly and chatty in interviews,very John Barrowman-like in fact and I find it odd that not a single ex-girlfriend story has come to light in the press (and he is pushing 40 remember), nor even the slightest mensh of the existence of one, even the beautiful Indian actress he was linked with last year had a serious boyfriend and denied any impropriety with him. It's like Rock Hudson all over again, sob, sniff.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 30-Jul-09 16:25:47

What does it matter?

No one ever tries to dig up to see if someone is straight.

grabagran Thu 30-Jul-09 16:39:39

This link is called Sleb Twaddle so I've just entered into the spirit of things. I'd also love to dig up the fact that Rupert Everett is straight and discover that he's been conning everyone just to curry favour with those who spend the pink pound..

southeastastra Thu 30-Jul-09 16:41:32

just tell us who it is grin

grabagran Thu 30-Jul-09 17:04:18

Hobbgoblin is right!

MadameCastafiore Thu 30-Jul-09 17:07:13

Oh dear poor old Jen - if that is the one who she has supposed to have been dating! Wish Brad would get his pretty arse back to her!

Tinker Thu 30-Jul-09 17:10:03

Well, I'd never heard of him but just sticking 'gerard butler gay' into Google came up with this which is quite funny (scroll down). Dumbass! grin

wintera Thu 30-Jul-09 20:47:02

I have no idea whether Gerard Butler is gay but I reckon Jennifer will be one of those women who goes from one wanker to another. Arse-hole magnets I call them.

Am I the only one who finds her completely humourless in interviews? I always liked her but when I have seen her being interviewed it always surprises me that for such a great comic actress she seems completely bland in real life.

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