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how does someone like shane richie make a living?

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southeastastra Sun 26-Jul-09 22:04:16

acting here and there

Meglet Sun 26-Jul-09 22:08:13

IMHO he looked like he was on coke on the one show last week. It was uncomfortably unfunny tv.

ButterbeerAndLemon Sun 26-Jul-09 22:11:23

He'll also be doing speaking and handing out awards at things like the National Association of Estate Agents (there's probably no such thing, but I mean generalised random indistry awards) plus voiceovers plus opening supermarkets and stuff. Plus panto in the winter season.

Tortoise Sun 26-Jul-09 22:13:21

He also does the game show Don't forget the lyrics.

southeastastra Sun 26-Jul-09 22:20:40

it must be depressing being him grin

Frasersmum123 Mon 27-Jul-09 15:32:29

He was in that programme last night - Whatever is takes, he does Dont Forget the lyrics and the voiceover for the Bounty/Plenty advert.

BadgersArse Mon 27-Jul-09 15:34:25

i LOVE dont forget the lyrics

LIZS Mon 27-Jul-09 15:36:01

Getting paid for going to the opening of an envelope - and then not being particularly funny ! Repeat fees for EE etc ?

LynetteScavo Mon 27-Jul-09 15:36:08

Believe me - the National Association of Estate Agents has never had anyone as thrilling as Shane Richie as an after dinner speaker. wink

LynetteScavo Mon 27-Jul-09 15:36:47

Doesn't panto take up a large part of the year?

NorbertDentressangle Mon 27-Jul-09 15:39:28

Do they still have summer shows in seaside towns? You know the ones I mean - the variety type shows at the pier theatre etc

They always used to be good for keeping people like SR off the streets

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