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so just when is pete andre releasing this much awaited album???

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fanniiminogue Sat 27-Jun-09 00:15:08

dont get me wrong im team pete all the way, just hope this album will be as good as he keeps saying!....and has the last laugh!

tiredlady Sat 27-Jun-09 00:21:23

I might buy it just to spite that hideous wife of his.I bet she would bloody love it if it flopped.

fanniiminogue Sat 27-Jun-09 00:26:31

i love them as a couple, but seperated!!! fed up of looking at her dinner, iykwim!!mum of the year, pah, give it back sl@g!!

Fairynufff Mon 29-Jun-09 10:18:19

Agree completely with tiredlady. The tragic thing is, one day, when she's grown up, Katie Price is going to realise what a mistake she made. Not only for her, but for those kids...

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