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OMG, have just seen a clip of Kylie being interviewed

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oxocube Sat 23-May-09 19:18:19

in Cannes and I can't believe how much botox she's obviously had. I've only seen photos of her in the last few years but watching the brief interview was scary - her face doesn't really move. I always thought that this was once cosmetic procedure I would go for if I had the cash to spare but this has really put me off. Kylie looked rather freaky sad

fruitshootsandheaves Sat 23-May-09 19:19:52

post a link so we can all laugh gasp in horror.

cocolepew Sat 23-May-09 19:20:42

She's said she doesn't have it any more. Is she telling porkies?

oxocube Sat 23-May-09 19:24:14

Oh God, links, now there's another mystery. I just saw it on the home page of Yahoo and clicked. Maybe someone less technically challenged can do the link. It must be botox though, surely. I think she is about my age (43) or maybe a few years younger but she has no 'laughter lines' and IMO it makes her face look hard and artificial. Or maybe that's just when you have too much?

themoon66 Sat 23-May-09 19:27:59

is this it?

cocolepew Sat 23-May-09 19:29:27

I see what you meanhmm

cocolepew Sat 23-May-09 19:29:56

x-post smile

fruitshootsandheaves Sat 23-May-09 19:30:54

ooh I think its very noticable in her forehead, maybe I'm just jealous as I look like a wrinkled prune.

bronze Sat 23-May-09 19:32:13

she cant act! she has no expressions

oxocube Sat 23-May-09 19:37:29

Yes themoon, thanks. Isn't it weird and kind of creepy? And not at all sexy. I think she is an attractive woman who would have looked much nicer if she looked a bit softer/less botoxed. I do stress a little about my wrinkles and age in general but I think I'll stick with what nature gave me and a decent face cream if this is the alternative!

Wilkiepedia Sat 23-May-09 19:42:21

She has always been DH's fantasty woman but even he has been turned off by freaky botox face in past few months - she is attractive but I actually think botox is aging her.

Mind you, Danni Minogue is the same, taut skin and no facial expressions.

watsthestory Sat 23-May-09 19:47:25

Message withdrawn

oxocube Sat 23-May-09 20:14:32

but watsthestory, she looked so much nicer before - that's my point. I agree, she is very attractive but this hasn't improved her at all and I agree with Wilkepedia that, ironically, it seems to have aged her

hifi Sat 23-May-09 20:30:55

she actually had a half face lift at 34,

notnowbernard Sat 23-May-09 20:33:53

She looks like a waxwork model in that clip


expatinscotland Sat 23-May-09 20:33:54

Too much botox. The sun reflecting off that forehead could cause something to ignite.

Ditto Nicole Kidman.

Bluestocking Sat 23-May-09 20:38:45

"Act"? How on earth could she act now? She looks like a waxwork of Angelina Jolie - it's the Pillow Face phenomenon.

notnowbernard Sat 23-May-09 20:40:39

Has she done something to her eyes as well?

She's getting that cat-like look

expatinscotland Sat 23-May-09 20:43:55

'she actually had a half face lift at 34,'

I feel sorry for people who are so insecure they feel the need to undergo radical procedures like that at such a young age and continually put their health at risk by pumping their bodies full crap like Botox and having unecessary medical procedures.

Nancy66 Sun 24-May-09 10:07:59

that's not Botox - botox can't achieve that, it's full on surgery - probably a brow lift.

BalloonSlayer Mon 25-May-09 14:51:42

Am I the only person who can't really see these effects? I keep hearing that people's faces don't move, and when I look at them they look OK.

Lessons please . . .?

Molesworth Mon 25-May-09 14:54:06

I think she's had eyebrow lift(s) too. 41 year-olds just don't look that smooth!

Nicole Kidman's face looks dreadful. It's a shame because she's a good actress, but how can you act with an immobile face?

Buda Mon 25-May-09 14:24:50

She looks just like my friend who has had botox. Had dinner out with said friend last week and she said "Look at me, can't move my face cos I've just had botox". She then got another friend to take pictures of her angry, happy, sad etc. Face didn't move. This friend has had it before - had too much of it and was warned off by a doctor so I was surprised she had it again. She told me she can take me to her doctor. I think I'll pass!

Heated Mon 25-May-09 14:25:54

She's reportedly has said to having tried everything.

My father knows a couple of record company bosses; she is very well managed.

Bucharest Mon 25-May-09 14:29:14

They all end up with the same face....If you remove the distinguishing features like hair and teeth, all these women are the same person....
Whilst I'm embracing my wrinkles grin

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