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I know I'm stretching the definition of celebrity but...Leo Sayer becomes an Australian citizen

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Tinker Mon 26-Jan-09 19:20:42


Love this quote:

"In the old country, England, it would have been, 'Sorry, you're from the 70s and that's it.'"

No, it would have been, 'Sorry, you're Leo Sayer and that's it.'" grin

waspriceyp Tue 27-Jan-09 18:38:44

Or "Who are you?" Poor Australia!

TsarChasm Tue 27-Jan-09 18:42:54

Or 'We've heard you like to dress up as a clown, would you like a job at McDonalds?'

waspriceyp Tue 27-Jan-09 19:11:37

Or "Aren't you the guy that sang American Pie?"

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