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Victoria Derbyshire and MASTERMIND ....I know she and I have 'history' but....

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NotanOtter Sat 03-Jan-09 21:44:43

surely you all agree she is horrid


AlistairSim Sat 03-Jan-09 21:46:34

What's your history?

Do you need a second? Someone to hold your coat?


NomDePlume Sat 03-Jan-09 21:46:37

I have no idea who she is.

5Live makes me want to hurl myself out of the car whenever DH has it on, it's his station of choice when driving, that or TalkSport - arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank god we have 2 cars grin

NotanOtter Sat 03-Jan-09 21:49:41

oooh please Alistair

i went to university with her

NotanOtter Sat 03-Jan-09 21:50:21

She was Vikki then wink

Mamazon Sat 03-Jan-09 21:53:03

she's a twunt now

neenztwinz Sat 03-Jan-09 21:53:17

I don't like her - she used to present on my local station, GMR, and she was crap, totally brainless. She never knew anything. One thing that sticks in my mind is she didn't know the difference between TJ Hughes and TK Maxx. Not important but just general knowledge that you would expect someone in the media to know. She must have good researchers on FiveLive cos she is miles better but still pretty crap. During the phone-in I am always screaming at the radio... people say such outrageous things and she is too thick to challenge them.

What is your history?

NotanOtter Sat 03-Jan-09 22:04:35

i was in the same hall as her at university and it was like 'gangs of new york' I just did NOT hit it off with her

She -however- spent her 3 years trying to 'hit it off' with my boyfriend of the time

neenztwinz Sat 03-Jan-09 22:06:04

Well that's no surprise... she did the same with Fi Glover's husband.

WhatSheSaid Sat 03-Jan-09 22:08:49

Apparently she was at my school, in the year below me, but I have absolutely no memory of her.

<No interesting anecdotes emoticon>

NotanOtter Sat 03-Jan-09 22:14:26

Whatshesaid i think she went to a grammar school was it Bury grammar?

Aitch Sat 03-Jan-09 22:15:40

oh i KNEW this would be you, notanotter! <excited>

and she's looking very pudgy of face in that photo...

WhatSheSaid Sat 03-Jan-09 22:16:06

Ooh I couldn't possibly say, would reveal too much about me...

OK then, yes, it was grin

WhatSheSaid Sat 03-Jan-09 22:17:10

Though she couldn't have been year below me. According to Wiki she is 3 years older than me.

angelene Sat 03-Jan-09 22:20:36

NotAnOtter are you Fi Glover? wink If so can I borrow your voice?

I HATE Victoria Derbyshire, the phone-ins on 5Live ruin all the brilliant work that Mayo etc does. She seems to be permanently stroppy.

Aitch Sat 03-Jan-09 22:21:02

oh i KNEW this would be you, notanotter! <excited>

and she's looking very pudgy of face in that photo...

Aitch Sat 03-Jan-09 22:22:03

whoops, i broke mn.

and her hair is lank.

NotanOtter Sat 03-Jan-09 22:23:22

lol Angelene NO i am not Fi Glover and anyway I WON the boyfriend battle of the 1980's wink

Yes Aitch an almost <whispers> 'bloated' look ! blush

NotanOtter Sat 03-Jan-09 22:25:42

Stepford anyone?

snuffle snuffle - I smell BOTOX!

NotanOtter Sat 03-Jan-09 22:43:00

The BBC said it merely points some struggling contestants in the right direction for their research.

tee hee hee grin

angelene Sat 03-Jan-09 22:43:54

Ha - lots of Photoshopping there - in fact almost an entirely different face.

Good on yer Otter, she's a beeeaaatchchchch wink

NotanOtter Sun 04-Jan-09 20:46:50

thanks Angelene for for the support!

ohdearwhatamess Sun 04-Jan-09 20:59:38

I went to school with her.wink

NotanOtter Sun 04-Jan-09 21:04:32

ooh! Were you buddies?

she had a school friend at University
they were thick as thieves and used to dress like twins!
Her Bury accent has taken a back seat these days i note!

ohdearwhatamess Sun 04-Jan-09 21:06:35

No not buddies. She wouldn't know me from Adam.

All I remember is that she was vey pretty and had wonderful hair (was very jealous). I wouldn't have recognised her from the photos in this weekend's papers.

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