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Sleb Big Brother - have found out 4 contestants - it's grim

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Oovavu Wed 31-Dec-08 00:00:21

Stephen Pinder (wasn't he Max from Brookside?)
La Toya Jackson
Mini Me (sorry don't know his real name)


It's just all too terrible already

fanniiminogue Wed 31-Dec-08 00:06:59

pmsl its lucy pinder glam model!

beanieb Wed 31-Dec-08 00:08:36

I heard Terry Christian and Michelle Heaton.

MintChocAddict Wed 31-Dec-08 00:09:45

Tommy Sheridan

Ronaldinhio Wed 31-Dec-08 00:09:50

I'm sucha sad act I know I'll love it

Quadrophenia Wed 31-Dec-08 00:10:18

I will love hating michelle heating and her orange skin

Quadrophenia Wed 31-Dec-08 00:10:31

heating? lol

solidgoldstuffingballs Wed 31-Dec-08 00:12:01

I actually quite like Terry Christian blush Well he did buy me a drink or two once and he is not half as much of a dick in the flesh as he was on The Word.

(oh don't all get your undies in a bundle, this is not a lead-up into sleb-pulling stuff, I met him in a professional sort of capacity...)

Ronaldinhio Wed 31-Dec-08 00:12:12

she is mental looking and would be pretty enough if she stopped being strictly come dancing coloured, she's almost luminous

Oovavu Wed 31-Dec-08 00:12:22

lol just saw the name pinder on digital spy and obviously in my head that meant Max from brookside!!

Who's Tommy sheridan?
Is Michelle Heaton the one who got married to that Andy one and they had a reality show about their wedding then she went off and shagged someone else? Or is she the one amrried to the cricketer Kevin Peterson is it?

(I sound like my MIL)

fanniiminogue Wed 31-Dec-08 00:12:49

she very orange and sour faced!

beanieb Wed 31-Dec-08 00:14:10

I like Terrt Christian and Ulrika so hope they are as lovely as I think they are.

Is Tommy Sheridan the Scottish politician?

Quadrophenia Wed 31-Dec-08 00:14:14

yep she did mary lisa scott lee's brother, the whole family are a bit needy, or so it always seems.

fanniiminogue Wed 31-Dec-08 00:14:39

yeh thats her didnt know she shagged someone else though! who?

Oovavu Wed 31-Dec-08 00:15:36

ooo it was someone equally z-list... <thinks>.... <goes off to google>

Ronaldinhio Wed 31-Dec-08 00:15:40

can't they see it though?
I work with a very pretty girl who becomes really truly scarily orange just before any companywide outing...I feel like sending her an anonymous note...leaving a bottle of Tango on her desk etc

MintChocAddict Wed 31-Dec-08 00:15:56

Scottish Socialist ex-politician Oovavu. Won a big libel case against NOTW but then charged with perjury. Still ongoing as far as I know.

Quadrophenia Wed 31-Dec-08 00:16:05

am not keen on ulrika but am open to having my opinion changed, i alwasy found her newspaper column in the <cough> notw really self obsessed.

Quadrophenia Wed 31-Dec-08 00:17:19

lol at leaving a bottle of tango on her desk

Ronaldinhio Wed 31-Dec-08 00:18:36

I wouldn't, however tempting...sorry for the fake tan rant/hijack

fanniiminogue Wed 31-Dec-08 00:21:42

michelle heaton shagged a scottish socialist ex-politician??????????

Oovavu Wed 31-Dec-08 00:22:59

It was Matt Di Angelo shock!!!
isn't he still sposed to be seeing Flavia?

ooo I'm all confused about my slebs

and now there's talk of Steve Strange being in it as well

Oovavu Wed 31-Dec-08 00:23:37

(loving your name, Fannii grin)

fanniiminogue Wed 31-Dec-08 00:25:40

matt di angelo.........really!
and steve strange has been in it aswell! my my she does get around doesnt she! grin

HolyGuacamole Wed 31-Dec-08 00:26:17

Yeah, Tommy Sheridan is that chavvy politician, he likes sunbeds too. He is a knob, fancies himself and allegedly partook in a bit of swinging and subsequent perjury and witness bribing malarky.

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