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Claire Keelan

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ReinDIORdroppings Wed 17-Dec-08 22:52:27

Message withdrawn

bran Wed 17-Dec-08 22:57:40

She has a reasonable listing on IMDB but no photo and I haven't seen the most recent episode of Survivors yet. Perhaps she did an ad, the sort of ad that you see but don't really see IYKWIM so that her face is familiar to you but she didn't have a character as such.

ReinDIORdroppings Wed 17-Dec-08 23:09:36

Message withdrawn

bronze Wed 17-Dec-08 23:14:16

hereseems familiar to me too

ReinDIORdroppings Wed 17-Dec-08 23:17:46

Message withdrawn

ReinDIORdroppings Wed 17-Dec-08 23:28:17

Message withdrawn

ReinDIORdroppings Thu 18-Dec-08 08:19:19

Message withdrawn

Carmenere Thu 18-Dec-08 08:23:35

It was a costume drama but I don't know which one

ReinDIORdroppings Thu 18-Dec-08 08:24:10

Message withdrawn

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