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who makes the best looking celeb couple?

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thesumptuousbat Fri 31-Oct-08 00:56:54

id say zac efron and vanessa huggens.

hatrickortreat Fri 31-Oct-08 00:57:58

Message withdrawn

Saturn74 Fri 31-Oct-08 00:58:53

ant and dec

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Fri 31-Oct-08 01:03:41

ernie and bert

superloopy Fri 31-Oct-08 03:44:49

Brad and Angelina.

Zac Efron is funny looking I reckon, he's too girlie for my liking!

DeathByMonkey Fri 31-Oct-08 06:27:16

I think Heidi Klum and Seal look amazing together

Ronaldinhio Fri 31-Oct-08 19:14:55

cheech and chong

ilovemyghds Fri 31-Oct-08 19:20:31

Zac Efron looks far too feminine. V unfanciable.

Brangelina I suppose, but I always think that she looks mad - something about the eyes (and mad, child collecting behaviour). I reckon DH fancies her a bit though (I suppose most DHs do!).

southeastalien Fri 31-Oct-08 19:22:36

drat kerry beat me to it grin

cocoleBOO Fri 31-Oct-08 19:30:26

Brad and Johnny Depp would make a beautiful couple.

southeastalien Fri 31-Oct-08 22:16:46

sooty and sweep

slayerette Fri 31-Oct-08 22:30:48

Noddy and Big Ears

whitebeachesandcoconutoil Sat 01-Nov-08 20:02:15

vernon kay and tess daly

MrsSanta Sat 01-Nov-08 20:28:06

Louise and Jamie Redknapp

jenk1 Sat 01-Nov-08 22:41:36

Dora and Diego

jenk1 Sat 01-Nov-08 22:41:50

Squidward and Patrick

LittleWhizzingBella Sat 01-Nov-08 22:44:36

yep another vote for johnny and vanessa

talk about the beautiful people

(why am i participating in a mindless sleb twaddle thread? grin)

LittleWhizzingBella Sat 01-Nov-08 22:44:57

Bob the Builder and Wendy

LittleWhizzingBella Sat 01-Nov-08 22:45:22

Prince Arthur and the Lady Morgana, though they haven't yet got together

StayFrosty Sat 01-Nov-08 23:24:47

Hooley and Plum

BodenGroupie Sun 02-Nov-08 04:07:26

Me and George Clooney wink

alipiggie Sun 02-Nov-08 04:51:19

Kermit and Miss Piggy

SesHashadafab12weekscan Sun 02-Nov-08 07:30:25

Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani

Although Louise & Jamie Redknapp and Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis come close!

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