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Jennifer Hudson's Mum and brother found dead!

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wintera Sat 25-Oct-08 14:23:55

Just spotted this on imdb. Her mum and brother have both been shot dead. Full details here -

BitOfFun Sat 25-Oct-08 14:29:06

That's just terrible sad - I hope they find the little boy safe and well.

wintera Sat 25-Oct-08 14:32:55

Really is awful! Hate the police statement on the bbc news website. This bit annoys me -

"Currently we're looking for a 1994 white suburban vehicle that's missing from the location as well as a seven-year-old African-American child," said deputy chief Patterson.

Weird how he talks about the car first and not the child. Its like the child is mentioned in passing, "Oh by the way, there's a kid missing" sort of thing. Weird!

glitterball Sat 25-Oct-08 14:37:47

thats terrible. cant imagine what you would go through grieving for family members at the same time as dealing with the fear of a missing child.

i was reading the other day jennifer hudson recently got engaged & was looking forward to planning a big wedding. how sad for her and her family

i just hope the little boy is found safely & soon.

prettymum Sun 26-Oct-08 00:10:33

heard about this at work, colleague told me jennifer hudson got shot but got home and found out it was her mum and brother, cant imagine what theyre all going through and hope they find her nephew soon. sad

MrsGhost Sun 26-Oct-08 00:40:09

I do hope they find her nephew soon. Poor little boy, kidnapped and then to find out his Nanna and Uncle have been killed.

ElfOnTheTopShelf Mon 27-Oct-08 18:00:43

there are reports (on Yahoo) that they have found a boys body
They are not confirming whether it is the newphew, but this is all so tragic

MinkyBorage Mon 27-Oct-08 18:03:04,0,1414019.story

PortAndDemon Mon 27-Oct-08 18:08:00

wintera -- presumably they were hoping members of the public could report sightings of 1994 white suburban vehicles (which was how the car and body were eventually found).

NotDoingTheHousework Mon 27-Oct-08 18:12:24

Message withdrawn

FAQ Mon 27-Oct-08 18:16:21


watsthestory Mon 27-Oct-08 18:18:02

Message withdrawn

FAQ Mon 27-Oct-08 18:44:09

wats - no it's the boys stepfather I believe, the boys father was also killed. sad

expatinscotland Mon 27-Oct-08 18:46:04

the stepfather has already been convicted of attempted murder.

back in 1999.

and though he's in custody, he's not talking.


watsthestory Mon 27-Oct-08 18:46:32

Message withdrawn

MrsGhost Mon 27-Oct-08 21:14:58

The boys uncle and Gran have also been killed, they are holding the boys step father at the moment.
Julian's mam and dad did a press conference together asking for help a few days ago.
What unimaginable horror did the poor lad go through, it begars belief.

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