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Just out of curiosity...why do people dislike Jamie Oliver so much?

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luckywinner Wed 22-Oct-08 21:21:07

I am just watching an episode of Ministry of Food programme and it made me think about how everyone has such a strong opinion of him. But all he seems to be doing is trying to help people out. Am geniunely curious, he neither offends me or endears himself to me.

tuesdayafternoon Wed 22-Oct-08 21:23:20

I don't - I think he's great smile

pippibluestocking Wed 22-Oct-08 21:26:05

Because he is false, makes out he is "Man on trhe Street bloke", when he anything but.

WideWebWitch Wed 22-Oct-08 21:26:08

I think he's fab

notnowbernard Wed 22-Oct-08 21:26:59

He is too over-exposed

I find him quite condescending

LOATHE his Sinsbury's ads - he's prostituted himself, basically

Find the whole Mockney thing irritating

He spouts off about how we feed our kids crap whilst chugging up the M1 in his monster 4x4 wrecking the planet in the process

TheFallenMadonna Wed 22-Oct-08 21:27:36

I quite like him too.

I heard him on school dinners, and Prue Leith, who was actually officially supposed to be sorting them out. And I know who I'd rather have influencing what my children eat and school.

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Wed 22-Oct-08 21:28:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Wed 22-Oct-08 21:29:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mamadiva Wed 22-Oct-08 21:30:07

Because he stole the crap that was turkey twizzlers and ate them all! Or so it seems anyway... or the fact that he is a jumped up little twat!

Tidey Wed 22-Oct-08 21:30:14

It's because he has such a messy mouth.

notnowbernard Wed 22-Oct-08 21:30:53

I read an IV with his wife on my break at work the other day

Slagging off the press for printing her picture blah blah... "I'm a normal wife and Mum" etc etc

WHY did she decide to 'let slip' that she prances about in the nud with nothing but Crimbo decs for nipple tassles then? For Jamie's benefit?!

luckywinner Wed 22-Oct-08 21:31:23

Umm yep the 4x4 thing is pretty shit but do you not think his intentions are good, even if he does go about it in a bit of a ham fisted way?

Pippi, what makes you think he is false?
Agree about the over-exposed bit too.
I imagine its always easier to be dishing it out when you've got the money to buy everything organic.

AliBean Wed 22-Oct-08 21:31:51

Nothing wrong with Jamie. Anyone who gets people talking/thinking about better food is fine...would rather have Hugh F-W or Nigel Slater round for dinner but Jamie would be welcome too...
Ten years ago he was a fresh faced baby of a man pukka'ing this and that and now he is changing the face of schooldinners and eating in general -whats not not to admire if not like?

mehgalegs Wed 22-Oct-08 21:32:45

ah - I like Jamie. I think his heart's in the right place.

southeastastra Wed 22-Oct-08 21:33:58

him and jools are like a brand now, they've turned into an annoying celebrity couple

i did used to fancy him on the naked chef though, with his duffer hoddies and fancy way of wrapping with foil grin

luckywinner Wed 22-Oct-08 21:34:24

Oh bugger it's just getting interesting and I have to scarper as mother in law just arrived and I have to be polite.

pippibluestocking Wed 22-Oct-08 21:35:17

It's the Mockney thing and everything everyone has said so far. His "Jamie at Home" book (or whatever it is called), is full of photos of him digging up his vegetable patch - oh yeah, as if!!

fishie Wed 22-Oct-08 21:37:29

he is openly telling people what to do, this is not always popular. especially about food as any thread about feeding / cooking / shopping for food on mn will illustrate.

he isn't mockney he is essex, but easily mistaken. i don't mind him really, far too many people can't cook and eat shit instead. his recipes are quite nice too.

latermater Wed 22-Oct-08 21:40:17

I think that's right Alibean - you have to admire him for what really does come across as genuine passion/anger about what people put in their mouths (says she, sitting here with large bar of G&B). He doesn't have to do the campaign stuff or the turning stroppy teens into chefs stuff - there are easier ways to be a sleb chef, and he could have opted for those. So I have to love him for that, although agree that dinner with Nige would be a whole lot more relaxing.

notnowbernard Wed 22-Oct-08 21:40:45

I like his food

He does a fantastic roast chicken recipe in Return of the Naked Chef. Unfortunately ther is an A4 sized close-up head shot with his tongue hanging out right next to it

Quite off-putting

AliBean Wed 22-Oct-08 21:52:30

Nigel is my fave cooking man...just re-read his book "Toast" and he has been a foody since 5 years old...that's what I really like. Genuine delight in fooooooddddd!!!
Jamie is into it but is def on a very public crusade. Nigel and Hugh are a bit more low key...although Hugh was better in the early River Cottage days. I reckon there is a pushy producer at C4 making all these guys come over all missionary!!

fishie Wed 22-Oct-08 21:55:23

hmm i think it is them. hugh has always been verging on the preachy.

anyone from delia to blumenthal is telling us what to eat and how. i enjoy that but it isn't a threat to me

notnowbernard Wed 22-Oct-08 21:55:43

I'm sure I once read a quote by J.O along the lines of "I've never read a book in my life and don't intend to", or something

That put me off him even more

I love Nigel Slater. His food is the best, love it love it love it!

SueW Wed 22-Oct-08 21:56:38

It's a very great shame that he did an entire series on school dinners which had to be broadcast post watershed and can't even be used in schools when teaching about health and nutrition because of his foul language. Imagine being one of the kids involved in the show (when he initially went into schools and asked them what various veg they recognised) but not really being allowed to see it because it's on too late due to language.

I only watched the first Ministry programme but I can - and do - cook so it's probably not aimed at me anyway. I'd like to know how many people in his target audience are actually watching. It was up against the footie last night.

AliBean Wed 22-Oct-08 21:58:00

What do you think of Valentine - what to eat now man? On last night on bbc 2

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