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does anyone care that muscles madonna and guy are getting a divorce?

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KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Wed 15-Oct-08 09:39:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CharCharBaGOOOOOOORE Wed 15-Oct-08 09:43:47

Ooooooooooh... actually no, not really. grin

needmorecoffee Wed 15-Oct-08 09:44:35


ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Wed 15-Oct-08 09:45:56

I care. If it's true (and the Sun is so NOT a reliable source of anything except mildly entertaining tosh) the end of a marraige is very sad.

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Wed 15-Oct-08 09:48:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gobbledigook Wed 15-Oct-08 09:49:14

It's not really on the top of my list of things to think about

stitch Wed 15-Oct-08 09:49:52

i care. madonna is probly one of hte only slebs ihave some respect for

Lizzylou Wed 15-Oct-08 09:51:14

Sad, but not unexpected, there's been rumours about them for ages.
Awful for them all.

nailpolish Wed 15-Oct-08 09:51:25

you surely dotn really care
its not like you even know her

pagwatch Wed 15-Oct-08 09:52:31

I tend to have a knee jerk 'oh divorce - shame for the kids' reaction to news of any divorce with kids involved.

So <<ahem>> 'oh divorce - shame for the kids'

Kewcumber Wed 15-Oct-08 09:52:32

well presumably they do and their children do.

But me, no why would I? Otehr than generally thinking divorce is not nice for anyone.

Peachy Wed 15-Oct-08 09:53:00

Outside their immediate famiy? I doubt it

it's non-crash related copy though, I guess

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Wed 15-Oct-08 09:56:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsMattie Wed 15-Oct-08 09:58:09

I feel a smidgeon of sadness. She is so successful in her career and has 3 gorgeous kids. It's a shame a happy marriage can't be part of the deal. Guess life isn't a fairytale, though.

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Wed 15-Oct-08 10:03:29

Hi Kerry - been arounnd-ish.. had some time away after I had a Relationships thread (following split with DH) and he read it and shit hit fan for a bit! He moves out today. I'm doing ok. Have come for food advice re feeding the family as he always did the cooking! shock

Peachy Wed 15-Oct-08 10:21:21

Shiny- think I missed that sad- hope you're OK today

Flightattendant2 Wed 15-Oct-08 10:26:09

I feel sad about it. I kind of cling to the hope that marriages and relationships can last and this seemed to be a good one for a while, from what I gathered - it just means I have slightly less hope of ever finding someone to stay with and be happy with for ever sad

But lots of people get divorced, this is just one I suppose we all hear about.

And I guess lots of people stay married too...

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Wed 15-Oct-08 10:26:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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