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Angelina bf photo

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traceybath Thu 09-Oct-08 17:44:29

It is in the daily mail

but rather a lovely photo and i must say i'm not a fan of saint angelina generally

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Thu 09-Oct-08 17:49:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cocoleBOO Thu 09-Oct-08 17:51:40

<<waves Team Jolie flag>.

ElfOnTheTopShelf Thu 09-Oct-08 17:53:14

I hate the title. And the article.
"The astonishingly intimate portrait of Angelina Jolie..."
shes breastfeeding for Christs sake, not masturbating.
"astonishingly private moment"
No wonder people dont breastfeed in public if this is the reaction

CharCharGabor Thu 09-Oct-08 17:53:40

That is a lovely photo smile and I'm not even that big a fan of her.

LadyOfWaffleIsScaryEnough Thu 09-Oct-08 17:53:47

wish my pics looked like that, you can see my nip in my profile one!

ElfOnTheTopShelf Thu 09-Oct-08 17:55:01

I have no issues with the pic btw, its a nice pic. Some of my fave pics (from when DD was born) are of me b/feeding my dd in the first few days.
But the wording is terrible, makes it sound like its a rare thing to be seen in the world!

AbricotsSecs Thu 09-Oct-08 17:55:30

Message withdrawn

Piffle Thu 09-Oct-08 17:56:18

I think it's good to show slebs bf.
She is ultra high level sleb so maybe help normalise and promote bf somewhat.
I love her sorry!!!!
Team jolie here.

sclubheaven Thu 09-Oct-08 17:57:00

Considering what the picture shows (or doesn't show) it is a bit over the top.

"astonishingly intimate" and "stunningly candid"

You can see more boob in the photo of her at the airport grin

LadyOfWaffleIsScaryEnough Thu 09-Oct-08 17:57:17

yeah agree, lovely pic but cheeeeeeeeesy words.

sclubheaven Thu 09-Oct-08 17:58:01

however, she is very beautiful and it's a lovely photo envy

ElfOnTheTopShelf Thu 09-Oct-08 17:58:59

I like the pic, but the more the bloody words are swinging around my head again, the more I want to gag on the cheese!!

WeLoveFabio Thu 09-Oct-08 18:00:34

what a beautiful picture.

I hope it does something to promote Bf actually among the sort of people who are usually disgusted by it.

Piffle Thu 09-Oct-08 18:03:03

oh and it's a US mag as well
a nipple even hinted at over there leads to all kinds of hookum.
Loons imvho
My idea of intimate would be camera up my ass as I was birthing the critter.
Tits blah I don't know if there is anyone who hasn't heard about or seen mine
And imo more newsworthy down to the comical size element

liahgen Thu 09-Oct-08 18:03:19

can't actually see baby at all.
few fingers.

nice pic but i have ones just as nice grin

liahgen Thu 09-Oct-08 18:03:51

lol at critter. grin

DevilishDisasterArea Thu 09-Oct-08 18:04:46

how big are her lips?

expatinscotland Thu 09-Oct-08 18:06:25

sorry, but i still think it's staged.

i just can't see how she's breastfeeding newborn twins when a couple of weeks after they were born she was swanning around all over the place.

i don't buy it. i think it's bullshit.

oops Thu 09-Oct-08 18:08:46

Message withdrawn

CharCharGabor Thu 09-Oct-08 18:12:18

Article is a bit shite though

SugarGlider Thu 09-Oct-08 18:33:00

Ah ha ha, I love the picture of them getting off the plane - if only magazine readers of the world could see the poise with which I (at 38 weeks pregnant) am currently getting on and off the bus - taking out a pensioner with my elbow here, dropping groceries and kicking them under a seat with a curse there grin

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Thu 09-Oct-08 18:34:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheBlonde Thu 09-Oct-08 18:36:49

I agree with expat
I can see a baby's hand but no sign of any bf

expatinscotland Thu 09-Oct-08 18:37:23

more like filipino wet nurse, malory.

i can't see how else.

i mean, she was photographed and filmed out with brad on her own A LOT a fortnight, a month, etc. after she had twins by csection.

well, we've all been there.

and even those MNers with plenty of help found that 3-6 week time bfing exhausting and demanding with or without twins.

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