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The nastiest/meanest/rudest celeb you've met/come across...

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dashboardconfessionals Thu 02-Oct-08 11:02:06

Message withdrawn

BoffinMum Fri 15-Apr-11 21:45:14

Simon le Bon is indeed lovely. I used to teach his kids. Once I was trying to fix a computer and he came over and said, "Can I help you with that?" Of course all I could think was, "Bloody hell, he is gorgeous up close, especially in white linen" and instead of coming across all cool and professional I made a twat of myself, clinging on to the screwdriver for grim life and mumbling utter crap. blush I have to say Yasmin was always very pleasant to me, no problems there.

chicaguapa Fri 15-Apr-11 21:59:44

Dh's cousin's on the comedy circuit in Manchester and says that Peter Kay is very unpopular and has stolen lots of jokes and trampled on many people to get where he is. I saw him at Gary Barlow's 40th gig where he refused to wave to the plebs public and completely couldn't give a shit. Jason Donovan however was lovely and waved to us. smile

DH sat with Allan Carr at a gig once and said he was completely lovely and chatted loads. This is unusual as comedians normally ignore you if you can't help their career in any way. And apparently Jason Manford is supposed to be nice too when he's not texting people he shouldn't.

Dsis saw Martin Clunes in Cornwall filming Doc and said he was wonderful and chatted nicely with the public in between filming scenes.

Disappointed to hear about Robert Winston as I thought he was great with the kids on Jamie's Dream School.

Brasso4 Fri 15-Apr-11 22:35:16

Steven Gerrard. He was staying at a hotel where I was attending a wedding. He was really rude to some lovely little children who were at the wedding, when they were so excited to see him. He also thought I was a maid - despite me being in my wedding finery!

I did get my own back however- I had an adjoining room to him and was v. drunk and noisy when I returned to my room - Liverpool lost the next day blush! My brother who is a Liverpool fan, blames me to this day! grin

EGGceptionalbeEGGleeyes Fri 15-Apr-11 22:49:50

I'm so disappointed about Robert Winston too.
I always got the impression that he was lovely.

thebestisyettocome Sat 16-Apr-11 16:56:02

Steven Gerrard is very aloof but his wife is worse! She's the world's snottiest nail technician.

RoseC Mon 18-Apr-11 11:37:39

My grandmother's friends supported Rolf Harris when he first came to the UK. He stayed with them and they helped him at the beginning of his career - he was a student lodger. Fast forward a few years and he cut them dead.

Tim Vincent (from Blue Peter in the 1990s) was lovely. They filmed at our school and, being seven, my way of showing affection to him was to jump on his feet. Hard. I am so ashamed now but he was so lovely about it - if a random child did that to me I'd tell them off at the very least. blush

Once worked at a massive (nightmare) function where Trisha (chatshow host) was a guest. She was vile and had one of the waitresses in tears. We were outside caterers in the middle of a showground (so no shops nearby) and she refused to even try her vegetarian main and demanded another starter instead. Unfortunately we had 1,000+ guests and lots of 'fake' veggie demands so none left. Lots of 'don't you know who I am's didn't get her any further so she sat there with a plate of salad leaves instead.

oohlaalaa Mon 18-Apr-11 15:03:30

Friend of my mum has met George Best at a charity dinner, and said he was lovely.

I have heard that Tim Vincent is very nice - he went to the same school as my husband.

When my parents were on holiday in Barbados they had a drink at same bar as Alan Shearer and his family. They didnt dare introduce themselves, but said that the family looked very nice, and were friendly to all the staff. My parents have seen met Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel get off their yacht in Skiathos (I think – it was one of the Greek Islands), and thought they looked a lovely smiley couple.

Met Roy Keane, Mark Hughes, Katherine Jenkins, Fearne Cotton and Jools Holland and they are all very nice.

Lembit Opik and Sian Lloyd were not nice, especially Lembit.

A friend met Robbie Williams, going back to the early 1990s, when he had just left Take That and said he was rude and off his trolley. However, I think he was going through his druggy phase, so we will excuse him.

A friend of a friend served Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart when they went on a narrowboat holiday in Shropshire, apparently they were very nice and left a generous tip.

I have been told by someone else that Catherine Zeta Jones was stuck up.

A horsy friend worked as an extra on Robin Hood with Russel Crowe and said he was vile.

Apparently Prince Andrew is rude – from a former chauffer who has driven him.

My parents drink with Daniel Craig’s dad, and tell me that he is very nice.

Friend used to work at Carden Park Hotel, many years ago, and met a lot of football players. She thought Beckham was lovely, as were most of the footballers. Apparently Michael Owen was rude.

sharbie Mon 18-Apr-11 18:30:39

oohlala alan shearers wifes' sister used to cut my hair - she is lovely

Meglet Mon 18-Apr-11 21:00:50

My sister met Simon le Bon at a Guns 'n' Roses gig in 92. She said "oooh, I used to like you when I was younger".

She said his face was hmm. (But he was still very nice apparently).

bristolcities Wed 20-Apr-11 22:58:47

Jamie O'Hara. Vile and as arrogant as he comes across. And a rat on the day it was announced his girlfriend was pregnant again.

Plan B, total toss pot.

TidyDancer Thu 21-Apr-11 22:07:49

Rafa Benitez is lovely.

Todd Carty very sweet.

Jade Goody was very nice.

Never met a horrid sleb.

ophelia275 Mon 18-Jun-12 18:07:29

Years ago I was working in a shop on the Kings Road and George Lucas came in. He was really unfriendly and up his own arse.

Joeblack066 Tue 26-Jun-12 22:59:07

Fab thread! I have really enjoyed reading this :-)
Quite a few over the years-
Frazer Hines (Joe Sugden)- lovely!
Max Boyce- drinking pal of my Dads in the 70s- lovely!
Melvyn Hayes - lovely- used to chat with my Dad on a train
Phil Glenister- lovely & gorgeous!
Chris Barrie- lovely!
James Marsters- lovely & gorgeous!
Tom Baker- fabulous man, gave him Jelly Babies!
Katy Manning- Jo from 70s Dr Who- warm lovely genuine lady
John Barrowman- lovely with a great SOH!
Charisma Carpenter ( from Buffy) lovely!
Nigel Planer - lovely!
Brian Clough - stopped his car when he saw my friend going into the Forest ground with her 2 small sons and chatted with them- lovely!
The only sleb I've met who was horrid was Terri Dwyer who was Ruth in Hollyoaks- she came to give awards to disaffected teens that I was working with, spoke to no one, and flounced off to a party. She didn't come cheap either! The night was saved by fabulous Derby County footballers who spent time with the kids and made their night!

MrDarcysbreeches Tue 26-Jun-12 23:03:00

Dannii minogue - When i was a student she came ina restaurant where i waitressed. she was really rude angry

HereIGo Fri 29-Jun-12 22:25:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

whatinthewhatnow Sun 01-Jul-12 13:33:48

I walked past Tom Baker in Rye with my teeny son in a pushchair a few years ago, and he stepped into the street to let me pass and gave my son what looked like a genuinely warm smile and said 'hello' to me. i was surprised at how much like tom baker he sounded. i'd always thought it was a bit of a stage voice. obv he's my favourite dr who now.

MrsMymble Mon 02-Jul-12 19:45:50

Sticking up for Robert Winston! My friend was a receptionist at a publishing house years ago and his car got blocked in by someone else. She said he was very gracious and nice about it. She also told me Terry Pratchett (he was with the same publishing house at the time) was an arsehole sad

Lulu was very rude to my Nan in the coffee shop she used to work in. She did the whole 'do you know who I am?' - yes, to a sweet little old lady of 75.

David Suchet - very polite, charismatic with a LOVELY voice

Patrick Stewart - surprisingly intimidating for a short man, but pleasant.

My Mum and my Nan once met Christopher Reeve in the lift in Harrods. Much to my Mum's embarassment, my Nan blurted out 'you don't really need the lift do you?'. Apparently he was utterly charming to her.

AppleStroodles Sun 24-Feb-13 11:45:19

Simon Webb from 'Blue', really really nice normal guy, I worked with him in Japan and he was great. Lee from 'Blue' tried to pull my friend, was a complete arsehole and told her to fuck off when she said she didn't fancy him and wasn't going to sleep with him just because he was famous. Duncan was also really horrible and rude.

Westlife were great fun & really nice guys.

Joanna Lumley is just lovely, Jennifer Saunders is not so nice...

Ben Affleck is letchy and propositioned a friend of mine while he was with JLo.

Hugh Grant is a real perv, he used to like saying sexually explicit thing sto try and shock the Japanese women I wored with, he asked one to "Bend over and show me your pussy"... I still feel sick when I see him on TV...

Elton John was incredibly rude and told my male friend to fuck off when he said he admired him and thought he was a great artist.

SergeantSnarky Tue 19-Mar-13 03:12:20

Wasn't allowed to let onto Audrey from Coro that I knew she was Audrey from Coro when she came to Richards clothes shopping [confused

Sunnymeg Fri 12-Apr-13 18:31:30

Went to a wedding where Joanna Lumley was a guest, she was lovely but kept her distance. It was very hard not to stare at her! Friend works in the bank and had to ask Pierce Brosnan for ID, he was really nice about it. She has served Joan Collins too, who is fine as long as you know what you are doing. Apparently the worst one she ever served was an Emmerdale actress who did the whole 'don't you know who I am routine' thing was my friend has never watched Emmerdale so hadn't a clue.

ChrisYates1 Sun 30-Jun-13 15:11:48

I'm a cameraman for the BBC. And I know most of this post is from about 5 years ago, but Stephen Fry is an absolute brilliant man, charming, intelligent, not in the slightest bit snobby and very, very funny! I've filmed QI many times (look for my name in the credits).

Also the young lad Ed Sheeran is great, Keith Chegwin is a delight, Ricky Gervais is also very funny and so polite, very different to how he seems or acts on Twitter, a complete sweet-heart.

Anna Friel was a complete bitch, I was so dissapointed. Chris Moyles is full of himself the fat knobhead. Chris Tarrant was on the One Show once and was completely arrogant off-air (although he had had mayhem getting there apparently).

Here is a small list at the top of my head who were either REALLY nice or REALLY bad. Bold for even more so.

Great; Lee Mack, Graham Norton, Mark Lawenson (I was so suprised), Russell Howard, Peter Crouch (had us in stitches), Colin Murray, Judy Madeley (Richard was a bit of a knob, but charming and polite) Brendan Fraiser, Mark Owen, Will Smith, David Mitchell, David Beckham, Kim Cattrall, Paul O'Grady, Christine Bleakley (and Frank always came to say Hi to everyone in the One Show studio), Jason Manford.

Bad: Kanye West (as they said up top is a complete ass, Jay-Z was just fine), Lindsay Lohan, Carol McGiffin (utter cow), Cliff Richards, Sandra Bullock, Cilla Black, Ringo Starr, Sharon Osbourne, Hugh Grant, Patrick Stewart (also very disappointing), Naomi Campbell (so, so, so rude), Mariah Carey, Ruby Wax, Rihanna, Justin Bieber (seemed very nice at first, because I first seen him as we was on air. As soon as we went off he was a right Diva, complete idiot), Liam Gallagher (still a hero of mine though, deserved arrogance), Jeremy Clarkson, Jeremy Paxman, Kelvin Mackenzie.

woopsidaisy Sat 13-Jul-13 02:59:13

Sandra Bullock! Nooooooooooooooo.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Mon 15-Jul-13 12:39:58

Tell us a Naomi C story, ChrisYates!

theAccidentalExpat Sun 21-Jul-13 15:52:37

Well, I once met Taylor Swift at a concert in the US and she was totally lovely! She said she liked my sandals and asked me where I bought them. smile

I don't know much about Richard Branson, but I met him once and he seemed alright. We were on the same chairlift in Verbier. I was rather surprised to see him queueing up with the masses as the hotel he opened has a helicopter and could ferry him anywhere. He was slightly offhand but was polite and said hello, etc.

My Dad did a business deal with Roger Federer and apparently he's really nice, intelligent and was asking Dad all about his family.

I saw Rod Stewart storming through Edinburgh Airport once. He seemed really rude and in an awful rush.

My Mum was at University studying law with Gerard Butler and she says he was really nice - some of his friends were stuck up but he was really friendly and knew everyone's name.

MrsZoidberg Sun 21-Jul-13 16:03:32

Can't agree with Richard Branson. I was heavily pregnant, working in a government building in London. I had taken the lift to the top floor (where the bigwigs were) and was just going to get out when Branson shoved past me to get into the lift. He knocked me flying, but luckily a colleague caught me. The knobhead didn't even acknowledge me, let alone what he had done.

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