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The nastiest/meanest/rudest celeb you've met/come across...

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dashboardconfessionals Thu 02-Oct-08 11:02:06

Message withdrawn

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 02-Oct-08 11:04:16

Liam Gallagher. Twat.

KerryMum Thu 02-Oct-08 11:05:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EyeballsintheSky Thu 02-Oct-08 11:06:54

Strangely, Floella Benjamin. I was upset, shocked and very disappointed shock

<<scrubs name off childhood heroine list>>

WendyWeber Thu 02-Oct-08 11:07:53

I never liked Floella Benjamin anyway, eyeballs, so thanks for that! grin

Jennyisjustknackered Thu 02-Oct-08 11:08:32

Michael Greco, who played Beppe in Eastenders was revolting to me. Said, 'she's got great tits but she's a bit fat'. I was a size 10 then, so he'd be horrified if he saw me now at a 14!!!!

MrsMattie Thu 02-Oct-08 11:08:37

Just knew Jim Davidson would be a complete twat!

Shocked and dismayed about Floella, though shock sad

Kanye West is a prick.

HRHSaintMamazon Thu 02-Oct-08 11:09:49

Anthea Turner.

looks like shit without her slap on and is so far up her own "perfect" arse she barely knows what way is up.

she doesn't like being too close to the peasants as they may rub against her or something.

OMaLittle Thu 02-Oct-08 11:10:24

Russell Brand. I think he was in his heroin addiction phase (summer 2001ish?). Still, he was a tool.

dashboardconfessionals Thu 02-Oct-08 11:11:05

Message withdrawn

Nbg Thu 02-Oct-08 11:12:38

Gutted about Kanye West.
I always thought he came across very well.

Anthea Turner is no suprise.

fortyplus Thu 02-Oct-08 11:13:03

Haven't met many slebs but had a lovely letter from Theo Walcott's dad when I ask if Theo could open the school fete - sent us some signed photos instead.

Had a nice after-show chat with Ben Elton once, who was great - very modest and unassuming - not at all like the stage persona.

dashboardconfessionals Thu 02-Oct-08 11:13:06

Message withdrawn

MrsMattie Thu 02-Oct-08 11:17:18

I had the misfortune of spending an hour with Kanye West around the release of his first album. He was incredibly arrogant and just a deeply unpleasant person with a huge, horrid God complex. He spoke to his lackeys like shit, too.

Ecmo Thu 02-Oct-08 11:20:20

I've never heard of Kanye West, I just Googled him. This must mean I am sad and old and should get more with it.

FioFio Thu 02-Oct-08 11:21:00

Message withdrawn

FioFio Thu 02-Oct-08 11:21:51

Message withdrawn

nolongeraworriedmummy Thu 02-Oct-08 11:24:47

Robbie Williams was a bit of a arse

FioFio Thu 02-Oct-08 11:26:09

Message withdrawn

MrsMattie Thu 02-Oct-08 11:27:56

Sol Campbell, the footballer. He tried it on with my friend in a bar and got really arsy with her when she didn't fall at his feet swooning within minutes. Dickhead.

sherby Thu 02-Oct-08 11:28:08

my mil met elton john at a party and said he was beyond awful

ranting Thu 02-Oct-08 11:28:30

Angus 'How much, I have a platinum Amex you know' Deayton.

Oh and Damon 'Oh you've dared to accidently bump into me, in revenge I'll tip my beer purposely down your front' Albarn. Talented but a tit, nevertheless.

NotCod Thu 02-Oct-08 11:28:39

kanye west
i too only know vaguely " he si a singer"

arf floella
that fakring nekcalcs she wears all the tiem

PuppyMonkey Thu 02-Oct-08 11:29:05

Jordon/Katie Price was signing copies of her books in our local Waterstones. We went up to see if she would also sign a photo of herself so that we could auction it off for a charity my workplace is supporting. She stroppily refused and said she was only there to sign her books, nothing else. The time it took her to tell us, she could have posed for the photo.

ForeverOptimistic Thu 02-Oct-08 11:29:17

My friend was once told by Vic Reeves to "Fuck off" because he "doesn't speak to fat ugly cows".

Theo Walcott obviously inherited his father's good manners, he lives locally and is a real sweetie.

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