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I've got Charlotte Church's gift

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mamakim Tue 30-Sep-08 11:13:07

My lovely friend work at the agency that represents Charlotte. A company sent her a little bag of mama to be goodies for Charlotte and my friend sent it me instead of her! I'm pregnant by the way.

HRHSaintMamazon Tue 30-Sep-08 11:17:02

aww wow! congrats xx
im sure she is inundated with stuff anyway so won't miss it.

what was in the bag? lots of lovelies i hope.

ShinyPinkShoes Tue 30-Sep-08 11:18:25

Hmmm are you sure you should be posting that on here? Could your friend not get into trouble?

Shitehawk Tue 30-Sep-08 11:18:44

Not sure the company - or your friend's employers - would be terribly chuffed to find out what your friend has done.

mamakim Tue 30-Sep-08 11:20:28

Just a few bath oils, stretchmark cream type things. It was nice suprise to get in the post this morning!

hanaflower Tue 30-Sep-08 11:23:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mamakim Tue 30-Sep-08 11:23:51

It's a massive company and they get sent so much stuff for the people they represent. A lot of it isn't deemed "good enough" to send certain slebs. The staff take alot of things home themselves, clothes, theatre tickets, gig tickets etc. It was only a little bag, she's quite senior so don't think anyone would care.

LilRedWG Tue 30-Sep-08 11:24:24


ShinyPinkShoes Tue 30-Sep-08 11:25:20

Still- I think you're on very dodgy ground posting such a headline grabbing thread title if you consider how many members of the press browse the boards. hmm

Aitch Tue 30-Sep-08 11:25:58

oh don't worry, she'll be getting shitloads of stuff sent to her, no way coudl she use it all. i used to write beauty stuff, passed most of it on. thing is, charlotte will already know the stuff she likes, she'll get it on tap from the pr so has probably indicated to her people that unless it's a really splendid gift they can move it along.

ShinyPinkShoes Tue 30-Sep-08 11:26:27

...and your last post could get the agency that you have so blatently identified into even MORE trouble! shock

Aitch Tue 30-Sep-08 11:26:42

exactly mamakin, you're getting charlotte's cast-offs really. grin no sweat.

mamakim Tue 30-Sep-08 11:27:18

Company's just sent slebs so many things. Don't get me wrong she isn't sending me everything she's got for CC! Do you think CC cares about the stuff? Or the company sending it? She get's sent prams etc so one little bag of oils and cream is hardly a big deal.

chapstickchick Tue 30-Sep-08 11:27:20

Hope Charlotte isnt a mumsnetter wink.

Does your friend know you re advertising her 'generosity' with stuff thats not hers??

I think thats actually theft.

Aitch Tue 30-Sep-08 11:28:19

it's slusharama, chaps, seriously. a wee bag of smellies isn't anything.

Aitch Tue 30-Sep-08 11:30:48

actually, the PR of Mama To Be would be glad that mamakin is promoting her products on MN. believe moi.

littlelapin Tue 30-Sep-08 11:31:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mamakim Tue 30-Sep-08 11:36:21

Lol at voice! More like a cat in pain!

deste Wed 01-Oct-08 22:25:20

I read in another thread that Charlotte was a MNer.

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