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Oooh, a sleb twaddle topic. I spotted a sleb in Bath this morning

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SheikYerbouti Wed 24-Sep-08 20:23:57

It was Su Pollard.

In the most hideous acid green leggings with purple flowers on them. She completed the look with cherry red DMs and and orange Kaftan....

I resisted the temptation to say "ooooh, I wanna be a yellow coat", you'll all be glad to know

tortoiseshell Wed 24-Sep-08 20:24:46

She was inconvenienced by the bang yesterday I heard! Was on the news...

SheikYerbouti Wed 24-Sep-08 20:27:07

God, that fucking bang.

People in bath are so melodramatic. I have seen bigger bonfires.

There was a comment on the local rag website about it being "just like 911" hmm


tortoiseshell Wed 24-Sep-08 22:59:54

Radio Bristol was going NUTS about it yesterday evening! I was sadly disappointed when I saw the pics!

WendyWeber Wed 24-Sep-08 23:00:39

What bang?

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 24-Sep-08 23:01:49

wendy here

WendyWeber Wed 24-Sep-08 23:06:03


Thanks Boys smile

That video was speeded up like the Keystone Cops grin

SheikYerbouti Thu 25-Sep-08 08:23:20

Lol at Keystone Cops.

Tis the most exciting thing to happen in Bath since they discovered the thermal springs.

The local paper is out today - I bet it will be full of sensationalist reporting

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