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Who is the nicest, most genuine celeb you've met?

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Saggingninja Tue 18-Sep-18 11:58:25

I'll start:

Matthew Kelly - very tall, laughs a lot. Really nice man - and polite to waiters which is always a test.

Keanu Reeves - never met him alas but he seems to live a quiet life and doesn't take himself too seriously.

Jo Brand - down to earth, warm hearted, gives credit to other people in comedy which is RARE.

DarlingNikita Wed 19-Sep-18 17:13:03

Not met per se, but I had a work-related phone call with Kate Adie years ago. She was at home and playing 70s disco quite loudly. Respect grin

howardmoonseyebrow Fri 04-Jan-19 20:48:25

Has anyone met Sarah Beeney? Watched her restoration nightmare series over Christmas. Both Sarah & her husband came across as really nice people smile

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