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Emmy let you finish the relationship: R.I.P.Tayto June-Sept 2016

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KimmySchmidtsSmile Mon 18-Jul-16 16:59:19

Thread four!
don't forget Beliebers: Less hate, more love <<extra creepy for Justin brackets>>
We, in the MN sleb twaddle squad don't need to be told to play nice haloflowerswinecakestar

KimmySchmidtsSmile Mon 18-Jul-16 17:00:22

^thread 3

Cocolepew Mon 18-Jul-16 17:01:01

Thank god ! I tried to post on the last one and couldn't< breaks into a sweat>

CarlGrimesMissingEye Mon 18-Jul-16 17:01:04

Is TayTo n

KimmySchmidtsSmile Mon 18-Jul-16 17:01:15

^thread 2

CarlGrimesMissingEye Mon 18-Jul-16 17:01:38

Oops. Is TayTo now like the Loch Ness monster. Was spotted once ages ago and is now all rumour smile

KimmySchmidtsSmile Mon 18-Jul-16 17:03:05

^thread 1 (salutes *meg cleary*)

ElectronicDischarge Mon 18-Jul-16 17:05:27

Squeeeee!!! New thread!

KimmySchmidtsSmile Mon 18-Jul-16 17:07:51

Wash your mouth out Carl wink Tayto is a Love supreme, better than Kimye, Chim, Bennifer, TomKat, even more perfect than PALFHDrEm...They are getting engaged on Wednesday 14th September, did you not save the date?! grin

FrayedHem Mon 18-Jul-16 17:10:35

Yippee a new thread!

ElspethFlashman Mon 18-Jul-16 17:13:46

Placemarking for the lolz. When I was in the car today and the DJ started playing a recording of the phonecall I started bouncing up and down in glee.

Poor Tom. Barely a month in and he's stuck with a perma-indignant stropmeister.

Those new boobs come at a COST!

APlaceOnTheCouch Mon 18-Jul-16 17:22:54

Coco I love the Scooby pic but where's Tim? is he Scrappy Doo? Please let him be Scrappy grin

TheAntiBoop Mon 18-Jul-16 17:34:39

Well apparently ch was pictured romancing someone famous that I've never heard of

KimmySchmidtsSmile Mon 18-Jul-16 17:40:27

Inspired by coco's mystery PR machine pic...

Taytee taytee to where are you?
We've got a thread to fill now

Taytee taytee to where are you?
We need some goss from you now

C'mon taytee to I see you
pretending you've got a Kim rift

But you're not fooling me cos I can see
The way you fibbed there Miss Swift

You know we've got a faux romance to solve so Tayto do be ready for your act, don't hold back
And Tayto if you do come through you're gonna have yourself a Tayto snack
That's a fact*

Taytee taytee to here are you
You're willing and you're ready

If we can count on you Taytee to
I know we'll get that emmy

*disputed, we only saw Tim with paper bags, they might not have had chips in wink

KimmySchmidtsSmile Mon 18-Jul-16 17:52:09

If it wasn't for them pesky tweets...
I do protest at Kanye being Shaggy though, he's anything but shaggable
unless you're a waxwork
Tim isn't there cos he would never unveil his beloved as a baddie.

Freshprincess Mon 18-Jul-16 19:13:28

Oh dear; poor Swifty. It's all gone a bit tits up. not exactly lying, not exactly telling the truth. And KK is a such a shit stirrer.
TIm must be wondering what hes got himself into.

Whentheshipgoesdown Mon 18-Jul-16 19:24:17

Marking place but actually beginning to feel sympathy for TayTay. But maybe that's what she wants me to feel and that's why they've introduced such a massive narcissistic bellend as Kanye into the metanarrative.

TheAntiBoop Mon 18-Jul-16 19:29:05

Is this ch and his new love interest?

Cocolepew Mon 18-Jul-16 19:51:47

I no longer believe in any famous persons relationship.
This has made me so jaded sad

APlaceOnTheCouch Mon 18-Jul-16 19:57:44

AntiBoop definitely sounds like CH. Continuing coco's cartoon imagery, I am starting to imagine him a bit like the Hooded Claw from the Penelope Pitstop cartoons - appears as kindly, older figure protecting younger female pop stars from the dastardly traps of pop stardom and before you can say 'bored of these pop romances' he's banning them from singing his songs; trashing them on twitter; deriding faux-romances and then . . .voila . . .he's perfect pop boyfriend again. grin

CarlGrimesMissingEye Mon 18-Jul-16 20:01:13


Donatellalymanmoss Mon 18-Jul-16 20:57:09

The singer he is linked with is Tinashe. They did a track on his last album. I'd have thought he'd be staying well clear of this kind of shit.

As for the whole Kanye West/ Kardashian debacle. There have been rumours that the whole TayTo romance has been pushed to divert attention away from it, as the song/ phone call thing has been bubbling away the whole time.

But the Kayne song and video are both disgusting so for that Taylor has every right to be appalled. She shouldn't have lied, but I think she possibly misjudged how nasty the final song was going to come across and didn't really know what to do.

raisedbyguineapigs Mon 18-Jul-16 21:02:28

She should have pointed out to that airheaded KK that her husband has written a nasty misogynistic song about wanting to sleep with another woman. She's barking up the wrong tree on the indignation front but shes so fake she probably has trouble recognising reality.

raisedbyguineapigs Mon 18-Jul-16 21:04:12

TayTo will have to up the love rocket now to get the narrative back on true love and away from Kimye and CH. Its all gone wrong!

raisedbyguineapigs Mon 18-Jul-16 21:06:37

Coco apparently Chris Hemsworth and his wife were set up by their publicist to be in a showmance but they fell in love! He was really lovely about her on his instagram because its her 40th birthday today flowers

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