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Kristina from Strictly pregnant

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Luckystar1 Fri 08-Jan-16 07:27:08

I just saw on the Daily Fail (sorry!) that she announced her pregnancy on CBB last night!! 'Almost' 3 months. I really hope they quietly told his ex wife and children first! That's a bombshell to hear on the tv (admittedly I doubt they're watching!)

Whoknewitcouldbeso Fri 08-Jan-16 07:29:08

I thought the same. His (ex) wife must be reeling from this news, I really feel for her.

Luckystar1 Fri 08-Jan-16 07:36:57

Me too. I was shocked and I have literally zero knowledge of them aside from gossip!

Allofaflumble Fri 08-Jan-16 08:24:17

Well not for want of trying!

Luckystar1 Fri 08-Jan-16 08:35:06

All you mean her?

LittleLegoBits Fri 08-Jan-16 09:57:22

I really feel for Abby Cohen trying to keep things normal for her twins during all this and now Kristina's announcing it so publicity.
Even if the children have been informed first (which I would hope they had!) then if she only found out she was expecting at Xmas she's not left them long to adjust before letting everyone else know!
I would question her timing- she's up for nomination then suddenly she's telling them all..hmmm
may have over thought this

SoWhite Sat 09-Jan-16 18:52:33

According to reports today/yesterday Abby had no clue, the first she heard was the telly.

Brutal really, has made be think really badly of Ben and K.

Luckystar1 Sat 09-Jan-16 18:56:52

I read that too. It's terrible isn't it? I really, really used to like Ben. I just get the sense (from nowhere!) that he's in over his head!!

Allofaflumble Wed 13-Jan-16 21:58:23

I meant that Kristiana hot pants has tried it on with nearly all her dance partners! Feel sorry for his wife.

Oakmaiden Wed 13-Jan-16 22:03:28

I dunno. I read they (Ben and Abbie) had been estranged since 2014 anyway. If that is true, then it really isn't that big a deal, is it?

AnyoneButSanta Wed 13-Jan-16 22:04:34

That really is unforgivable behaviour isn't it. Even if he'd completely deluded himself about his actions to date, how could you possibly even begin to defend not telling your daughters in person? The daughters are 7, and quite old enough to read the headlines in the newspapers.

Oakmaiden Wed 13-Jan-16 22:04:35

Oh, my timing is wrong. Oops. Ignore me.

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