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Ooh Holly Willoughy is pregnant with DC3.

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Sparklingbrook Fri 14-Mar-14 19:12:24

It was 'a surprise'. confused

Please let Emma Willis cover her maternity leave and Holly not come back. smile

I would start watching again.....

AmIGoingMad Fri 14-Mar-14 19:23:46

I knew it!

I was saying to mil a few weeks ago that I thought she didn't look quite right in a morning sickness kind of way. Then she didnt eat the oysters in the valentines meal thing and I was convinced!

curiousgeorgie Fri 14-Mar-14 19:37:28

Christine Bleakley will clearly do it... She's more annoying.

I love Emma Willis!

Sparklingbrook Fri 14-Mar-14 19:40:02

Oh curious no. Please not Beakley. <cries>

It has to be Emma-we need a petition.

AmIGoingMad Fri 14-Mar-14 22:15:16

Id sign it! I love Emma!

Wishfulmakeupping Fri 14-Mar-14 22:16:58

Yes I'd sign it too emma is just fab even though she's so pretty it hurts my eyes

Sparklingbrook Sat 15-Mar-14 08:04:35

YY she is stunning. but she just seems more adult than HW if that makes sense. HW is so childlike sometimes. <cringe>

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