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Caprice is now having two babies....a month apart!?

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NorbertDentressangle Thu 13-Jun-13 19:48:22

What a bizarre situation. She is pregnant but has also just revealed that they are having a biological child via a surrogate due a month before the baby she is pregnant with.

Imagine being 8 months pregnant and dealing with a newborn and then a month later giving birth and having another newborn.

(Whats even more bizarre is that she's still 41 ! wink)

cookielove Thu 13-Jun-13 19:49:15

That is so odd smile

HollaAtMeBaby Thu 13-Jun-13 19:50:34

I was gobsmacked by this. Totally weird. Also, she must have gone ahead with IVF after confirming the surrogate!

timidviper Thu 13-Jun-13 19:52:54

I have never forgotten seeing her on a programme where they gave various celebrities those crying robotic baby dolls to see how they would cope with parenthood. I hope she's improved!

Colin and Justin on the other hand were wonderful

C0smos Thu 13-Jun-13 19:53:14

I wonder how the surrogate feels, I imagine surrogates do it because they are giving a childless couple with no hope of having kids of their own a chance at parenthood. Not exactly the case now.

OddBoots Thu 13-Jun-13 19:56:41

When I was having IVF to become pregnant with my first surrogate baby the clinic did discuss this possibility with us at our counselling session, it's far from unheard of for a woman to become pregnant naturally when they stop actively trying. I'm very glad that she still seems to appreciate her surrogate.

Congratulations to her and her husband (and the surrogate).

sunnyshine Thu 13-Jun-13 20:03:31

I think she's 51 isn't she not 41 smile think she will have her hands full but great news for all concerned!

FriskyHenderson Thu 13-Jun-13 20:08:52

Just imagine being handed a newborn baby to look after when you are eight months pregnant and feeling like shit grin I suppose they will have wall to wall nannies though

NorbertDentressangle Thu 13-Jun-13 20:10:52

I guess when they're a bit older it'll be like dealing with twins, but a months difference in age in those early months can make a massive difference in development. It will seem really strange to be going through things once and then again a month later (start of weaning, teething, immunisations etc)

QOD Thu 13-Jun-13 20:12:46

It's a host IVF surrogate baby, so is Caprices actual egg which is a bit better! I mean imagine if she had a birth child and a doner child and felt different?
I have a friend who is categorically infertile. Adopted a 1 yr old and 3 yr old in April. Discovered she was 21 weeks pregnant in May ... Fab, it happens!

LynetteScavo Thu 13-Jun-13 20:12:51

I remember that too, timidviper.

Did Colin and Justin ever have a child? They would have been great (if very annoying) parents.

I think this is a really odd situation. I'm not sure how well I would bond with a newborn I hadn't given birth to if I was about to give birth. confused

NorbertDentressangle Thu 13-Jun-13 20:21:10

Imagine your hormones . They'd be all over the place at 8 months, then you're handed a baby that's biologically yours but you haven't been carrying when you've got one that you are carrying that you can feel moving and kicking etc. 4 weeks later you give birth.....bonkers hormones!

I guess they've had a lot of time to prepare for it though (and the cash for help and support, practical and emotional)

mrsbabookaloo Thu 13-Jun-13 20:26:51

DH went to school with her(....should I say that on here?) And as she was in his school year she must in fact be 41 or 42. Just sayin'

NorbertDentressangle Thu 13-Jun-13 21:13:25

mrsbabookaloo - was your DH 39 for about 4 years too? wink

Bakingnovice Thu 13-Jun-13 21:27:14

Caprice is not in her 40's! She was thirty something when I was a teen and I'm mid thirties now!

PearlyWhites Thu 13-Jun-13 21:32:09

She is 41 she was born in 1971

deepfriedsage Thu 13-Jun-13 21:33:05

Wow, what a situation, and Wow, I thought she was much older.

Raaraathenoisybaby Fri 14-Jun-13 00:05:21

I think she's older too. I have seen a few slebs lie about their age on wiki. Maria fowler gets younger all the time!

SquidgyMummy Fri 14-Jun-13 00:15:41

How are they going to explain to their "almost twins" about their different entries into the world. i would be really worried about bonding more with the one i was pregnant with.
She does seem really happy though. congrats.

Soisitmeorher Fri 14-Jun-13 01:07:40

I knew a couple who adopted twin girls then became pregnant within three months of having them so she had three under two!

It seems to happen quite a bit. I wonder what the science is behind it.

Longdistance Fri 14-Jun-13 01:19:57

Yeah right. She's a hundred if a day. She was 29 when I was 20. I'm 37 now.

Very strange situation.

EMUZ Fri 14-Jun-13 01:38:47

My friend had ivf, gave birth to triplets. Wasn't using contraception (due to the whole not being able to conceive thing)
Conceived naturally 10 weeks after the triplets were born shock

NorbertDentressangle Fri 14-Jun-13 12:30:26

Soisitmeorher - I think the 'science' behind it seems to be that once the pressure and stress of desperately wanting a child yet failing to conceive is removed (ie. a surrogate pregnancy is agreed on/underway or IVF has been agreed) the body seems to relax and conceive naturally.

My friends husband is a GP and he finds that if a couple come to see him about IVF after difficulties conceiving he agrees to refer them in a few months time and tells them to make sure they get a holiday before they come back for that referral appt. Quite often they get pregnant before he refers them. Its as if they breathe a sigh of relief that the GP has taken them seriously and that they're on the first step towards IVF, relax a little and hey presto, body does what it should!

Similarly, couples who have IVF or some form of assisted conception first baby and then fall pregnant naturally (and often accidentally the second time) as they didn't think they could conceive unaided. This happened to at least one friend of mine.

(Disclaimer - there's no medical evidence in the above, just my random musings and observations!)

EuroShaggleton Fri 14-Jun-13 12:35:27

It's an interesting situation that's for sure!

I read about a woman on one of the fertility forums who had a single embryo transferred but was pregnant with non-id twins. She must have got pregnant naturally on the same cycle that that embryo was put back. She'd been trying for years and had a few failed IVF cycles behind her, so it really was a miracle.

megandraper Fri 14-Jun-13 12:48:46

Euro - that's amazing! Astonishing that putting the embryo back didn't disrupt the existing embryo.

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