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Do you wonder about Victoria Beckham?

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Perriwinkle Thu 28-Feb-13 16:33:25

I don't suppose I'd wonder about this at if every time she'd been photographed over the past 14 years she'd had one of her other three children in her arms and it was clearly her parenting style to keep her children with her constantly, but she hasn't.

I'm fully well aware that different children have different characters/traits/needs and have their own individual relationships with their mothers but this does seem to be a departure from the way she's been with her other three children.

You just never see a photo of VB these days without Harper in her arms and that doesn't seem to have been the case before.

Am I being cynical to think that it might have something to do with her being a much wanted and longed for daughter after three sons?

Sparklingbrook Fri 01-Mar-13 21:02:23

That is so sad voscar. Even members of the royal family manage go to University, I would be sad that those doors are closed just because of who is parents are and he will be stuck modelling raincoats forever.

MrsJREwing Fri 01-Mar-13 21:02:43

Is that you Vicky?

Sparklingbrook Fri 01-Mar-13 21:05:00

confused at beautiful husband.

everlong Fri 01-Mar-13 21:06:28

Course it's fair. If Romeo was an ugly little sod he wouldn't have got the job.
He isn't and that's why he did.

Sparklingbrook Fri 01-Mar-13 21:07:34

I think there are plenty of children more attractive. shock Sorry!

Haberdashery Fri 01-Mar-13 21:09:26

I would imagine, having worked with VB, that the hallowed halls of university are not closed to her son because of who his parents are. On balance, it's more likely to be a brain cells issue. I mean, nobody thinks DB is the clever one, do they? And VB isn't that bright. Quite honestly, I'm not sure they should have taken any of the royals, either.

IAmLouisWalsh Fri 01-Mar-13 21:09:44

I like her.

All of the children are gorgeous and I think they always look very natural together. If I was being followed by photographers, I would pick my son up to make sure I had him safe.

lottieandmia Fri 01-Mar-13 21:10:59

'I think there are plenty of children more attractive.'

Do you think maybe you're a bit jealous? I think he's stunning. In any case what makes a good child model is more than looks alone.

Sparklingbrook Fri 01-Mar-13 21:11:36

£325 for one of those boys flasher macs. shock

Sparklingbrook Fri 01-Mar-13 21:12:33

Yes lottie I am a seething ball of envy and jealousy. Not sure about what but you must be right.

Possiblyoutedled Fri 01-Mar-13 21:13:05

I can't imagine how she carries her for so long. I have dd about the same size and I'm almost crippled carrying her and I'm twice vbs size.

Shakey1500 Fri 01-Mar-13 21:19:05

I like her.

I don't understand the nitpicking on what she wears, how she looks, how she parents, what she's like as a businesswoman/wife/singer/person. Why on earth people can't just be pleased to see a successful woman who has a loving relationship and family beside her, is truly beyond me.

Good luck to her.

HazeltheMcWitch Fri 01-Mar-13 21:19:30

She used to inform the paps where she'd be and when (wel, have her people do so), for maximum snappage. No idea whether she still does this now she's an uber-famous designer. Hmm, maybe I shall ask.

'Tis quite a normal thing in SlebLand, to contact the paps oneself, then complain about their presence in a further article.

everlong Fri 01-Mar-13 21:19:58

I think the Beckham kids are all gorgeous. That little Harper is just beautiful. I love how VB dresses her. Those chubby little cheeks!

scarletsalt Fri 01-Mar-13 21:20:26

Im not sure sparkling but you do seem a bit obsessed with how much you dont like the Beckhams!

Sparklingbrook Fri 01-Mar-13 21:22:10

Not really. It's just that there is a thread about the Beckhams at least once a week on here scarlet. grin

HazeltheMcWitch Fri 01-Mar-13 21:23:05

scarlet - what???

This is Sleb Twaddle. On MN. Where else can we wonder out loud at such irrelevant things?

I was begging someone to sniff some old garlic bread yesterday. I don't have a garlic bread - or off food - obsession.

Sparklingbrook Fri 01-Mar-13 21:23:22

It doesn't eat up my every waking moment because that would be weird really.

MrsJREwing Fri 01-Mar-13 22:19:59

Harper is cute. Her two Aunts on David's side have weight issues, I worry how Vicky will cope if Harper gets those genes, and can't fit in Vicky's jeans!

whatkungfuthat Sat 09-Mar-13 14:50:47

I neither know nor dare about why she is always holding the daughter but if she falls in those heels she always wears whilst carrying her it won't be pretty. Lets not kid ourselves that she is a fashion designer either, she just puts her name to other people's designs and may suggest the odd detail. Taking babies into meetings is an option open to all of us in business isn't it?

VB can't bear to be out of the headlines. In the past she had a tame pap that she would tip off so he was always conveniently in the right place at the right time, and would get her sister to phone the Bizarre column in the Sun to 'sell' stories. She has consistently invaded her own and her family's privacy. I don't feel sorry for her at all, I think she is too thick to have realised what she was unleashing with her voracious need for publicity, I know for a fact that she lost one very high profile friendship because of it as I know the person/couple who distanced themselves.

MrsJREwing Sat 09-Mar-13 15:54:01

intriguing, Liz? Elton?

whatkungfuthat Sat 09-Mar-13 16:35:29

I've said too much already. What i should have said is that a lot of people in the public eye realise too late how valuable privacy is. I think the previous poster was right when they said that VB's family didn't do her image any favours.

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