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Chris Brown again.

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msrisotto Mon 26-Nov-12 12:53:10

Anyone seen his latest stunt?
He's responded to a jib from a female comedian on Twitter, by hurling aggressive sexual abuse in the most vile ways. At least he's deleted himself from Twitter but it's bloody awful seeing all the tweets from people defending him saying he shouldn't be judged because only his real fans really know him....

Someone on twitter posted what they claim is the police report after he beat up Rihanna. It is horrific and I wouldn't read it if you are of a sensitive disposition.

Police Report

If anyone reading this buys his music or tickets to his concerts. Please don't, he is a nasty hateful violent man.

droves Mon 26-Nov-12 23:17:27

Why is he still around ? Dont understand it .

Not exactly a role model is he ?

Boycot the fecker altogether ...mabey hell disappear then .

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