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Le Brick strikes again.

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VivaLeBeaver Mon 22-Oct-12 08:35:20

I know she's not exactly a sleb but its not serious news either.

Daily Fail link warning. here

Can't believe how many times she manages to get digs in about Mel B, "twice married" "her 3 children have different fathers". So bloody what!

And she's writing a book - bet that's going to be a riveting read.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 22-Oct-12 08:37:14

Agggh, Bricky slags Mel B off for not having "girl power" and sucking up to her.

However she seems to forget that she became well known for an article which slagged most other women off. Does she not see that?

Bessie123 Mon 22-Oct-12 16:00:07

Ugh, Samantha Brick is a revolting human being

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