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I know it is shallow but Oscar is FIIIIIIIIIT...

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WilfSell Sat 08-Sep-12 22:38:08

Yes, I know it's been said many times and it is totally ignoring his massive achievements and objectifying his deeply sexy shoulders and winning smile but jeez, what am I going to do for Saturday night fantasies from now on?

AmIthatTinselly Wed 26-Dec-12 22:12:45

is it the sun/shadow or something else


GreatGretzky Wed 26-Dec-12 22:28:59

grin grin I hadn't noticed that!

AmIthatTinselly Mon 07-Jan-13 01:59:30

For those not on twitter, and knowing the MN love of men driving, thought I'd better share this pic.

oscar on hols

GothAnneGeddes Mon 07-Jan-13 06:29:11

That Just a Friend is a very lucky lady, is all I'll say. He could drive me anywhere!

AmIthatTinselly Mon 07-Jan-13 06:51:23

Am very partial to men driving anyway, but that coupled with the amazing smile is a winning combination

AmIthatTinselly Sun 13-Jan-13 18:11:18

Got a response to my "complaint" about OP not being mentioned at all on SPOTY or the 50 greatest Olympic moments.

^Thanks for contacting us regarding ‘BBC Sports Personality of the Year’ broadcast on BBC One.

We’re sorry for the delay in responding to you on this occasion. We do appreciate our audience members expect a swift response at all times, and regret this wasn’t the case here.

We understand you were unhappy Oscar Pistorius wasn’t included in the Overseas Category, as you felt his contribution to the Olympic games was more than noteworthy. I also note you felt he should have been included in the ’50 Greatest Olympic Moments’ programme as well, again due to his contribution to the games.

Whilst we appreciate your concerns, the reality of the situation with any programme of this nature is that there simply isn't the time or space to cover absolutely everything or to include every person, event or result.

Of course, because the 2012 Olympics were on home soil and as Team GB had such incredible success, SPOTY did reflect the Olympics to a large degree, but the programme isn't in itself simply a review of the Olympics alone. As we make clear each year, countless factors are borne in mind in terms of the nominations and review segments and so on

Things like this are, by their very nature, purely subjective thus there simply isn't a definable right or wrong approach or decision in such circumstances, thus in reality we can only offer our apologies if you felt that the wrong choices were made.

That said, the vast majority of the judging panel was made up of non-BBC people therefore the notion that the BBC chose to deliberately "airbrush [Oscar] out of 2012" just isn't fair or correct. SPOTY wasn't a review of every facet of the sporting year nor could it possibly be, but to suggest that the BBC hasn't covered Oscar Pistorius comprehensively throughout last year is without any foundation whatsoever. All his exploits have been very fully covered and reflected across our output, notably in and following the London Games, and he remains a newsworthy, interesting and relevant personality across our output as and when relevant. His profile and many stories and results and features remain on our website, for example.

Deciding on 'greatest moments' is similarly a purely subjective affair in that what one person judges to be "great" and thus worthy of inclusion, another won't. This is simply human nature and further evidence of the fact that as a broadcaster our approach by definition has to be somewhat "broad" thus requiring a degree of compromise by all parties. Whatever the circumstances, the BBC endeavours to serve the whole of the diverse United Kingdom but clearly there is no way that we can possibly hope to match every single individual viewer's own personal and subjective expectations, demands, preferences or tastes.

Here, wider feedback doesn't suggest to us that your views are shared thus we have to deduce that viewers generally were comfortable and happy with our general approach in these programmes and that they appreciate that not everything and everyone can be included.

Nevertheless, we're sorry to learn of your evident disappointment, and thanks for taking the time to contact us.^

Peachesplusone Sun 13-Jan-13 18:32:17

Well fair play to them for such a comprehensive response.

Still think the omission was very wrong though. And well done to you for complaining!

GothAnneGeddes Sun 13-Jan-13 19:01:54

It's almost word for word what they wrote to me too.

I still think it's odd.

AmIthatWintry Sun 13-Jan-13 20:12:00

Yes, I think it's very strange. I get the subjectivity part of it, and that you can't include everyone, but come on, they flew Mr Le Clos over for SPOTY????

Not one single mention. Very strange

GreatGretzky Sun 20-Jan-13 22:50:22

This probably amused me a little too much! grin

OscarPistoriusBitontheside Mon 21-Jan-13 09:19:14

That's brilliant!

"That idea's not going to run, it has no legs". gringringringrin I luffs him!

AmIthatWintry Thu 24-Jan-13 00:15:32

Here's the vid of the outtakes

Looks like a lot of fun making it

GothAnneGeddes Fri 25-Jan-13 12:40:53

grin He is just yummy.

AmIthatWintry Fri 01-Feb-13 01:39:08

I found a new video I'd not seen before - I'd seen the smoothie bit, but not the whole lot

His sister is exceptionally attractive - what a gorgeous family


GreatGretzky Sun 03-Feb-13 01:32:37


He's been posting some very nice pics on instagram recently too.

AmIthatWintry Sun 03-Feb-13 20:29:02

Yes, lots of very lovely pics. Marie Claire one was particularly nice grin

OscarPistoriusBitontheside Thu 14-Feb-13 07:37:44

Oh no! Have you seen the news? sad His poor girlfriend, seems like a tragic accident, but what an utter mess.

Highlander Thu 14-Feb-13 07:39:37

OMG, how awful sad

farmersdaugther Thu 14-Feb-13 07:48:17

Just seen the news.....OMG. Just Awful.

My god. hmm

bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Thu 14-Feb-13 08:08:17

I've just read the news, awful. That poor woman.

GreatGretzky Thu 14-Feb-13 11:40:10

I just can't believe it sad

PoshCat Thu 14-Feb-13 14:31:55

He shot her her several times and apparently.
Not looking good for him. Charged with murder.
Two wrecked lives by the sound of it.

AmIthatWintry Thu 14-Feb-13 20:25:35

It seems so unreal, I can't take any of it in

Him and Reeva were such a lovely couple, it makes my head spin to think of what has happened.

Poor girl, and until we know to the contrary, poor him.

Two lives over

so,so sad

GothAnneGeddes Thu 14-Feb-13 22:54:38

It is awful. I just feel sad and shock

Such a terrible waste. She always sounded so happy on twitter and now she's gone. I'm hoping it is all a terrible accident rather then something more sinister, but we will have to wait and see.

So, so sad.

GothAnneGeddes Thu 14-Feb-13 23:00:03

I've just looked at FYOP and they've put up a very apt statement, the last paragraph is especially poignant:

"This is not a defensive post, nor is it an anti-Oscar post. I will not speculate. This is a pro-justice, pro-Reeva, pro-due process post."

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