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ORANGE KLAXON - Peter Andre has launched a clothing range.

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TheLightPassenger Tue 31-Jul-12 17:13:21

of course being sleb dad of the year is oh so relevant to clothes design hmm

cocolepew Tue 31-Jul-12 17:15:27

I'm confused, none of them are orange. I was expecting a couple of hi vis jackets at least.

KatieisScarlettinSpandex Tue 31-Jul-12 17:17:52

"Daddy Rocks?"

"Daddys Little Princess?"

Fuck off you twat, you don't "rock", you should just crawl back under one.

sassytheFIRST Tue 31-Jul-12 17:22:16


Aw. Ideal slogan.

LetUsPrey Thu 09-Aug-12 18:29:17

What? No dungarees?

LikeItOrNot Thu 09-Aug-12 18:31:36

Prey grin

mynameis Thu 09-Aug-12 18:31:42

He having a laugh with the prices surely?
£59.99 for a shirt!

clam Tue 28-Aug-12 00:17:19

I notice he's referred to as 'a family man.'
Who knew?

Purpleprickles Tue 28-Aug-12 00:23:28

Excellent that's dh, db1 and db2 sorted for Christmas.

I particularly like the "edgy" t-shirt designs with skulls wearing Australian hats and British bulldogs showing Pete's roots in both countries. gringrin

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