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My first time

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Vanfurgstan Thu 26-Jul-12 03:25:23

I saw my first ever famous person, a cricketer. My heart stopped and my mouth was hanging open, he said hello and i said something like uuuuummmmfff.

My mind was telling me to act all cool and non chalant but my body was not responding. I really never thought I would be so stunned and giggly and make a complete fool of myself and DH got it all on cam (wails). He pf course was mr cool cool.

Flyingfruit Mon 15-Oct-12 14:14:54

I am useless if i ever seen anyone famous, no matter how z list, my two biggest z list spots are Jackie budden, jade goody's mum and Sharon Marshall the soap lady from this morning. Both of these made me come across as a gawping idiot. Have no idea why!!

out2lunch Mon 15-Oct-12 14:19:33

i just can't stop myself from calling out their name - claire balding was lovely about that and gave us a cheery wave back at wimbledon smile

Vix07 Mon 15-Oct-12 14:23:56

Ha ha, I did this too, weirdly also with a cricketer. Wandering around Lords one day with my cricket-mad and very cool sister, suddenly started squealing 'ooh look! it's Michael Atherton' in the manner of an over excited six yr old. Poor fellow went utterly scarlet and slunk off into the crowd blush

He was only 3-4 feet away at the time, hope his ear drums have recovered! grin

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